Daniel Taub: The Diplomat and International Lawyer

Daniel Taub is the Israeli-UK Ambassador. Taub managed to hold this post for the past four years successfully. His tenure has been a bonus to the Israel-UK trade relations as it has continued to increase for the better.

In addition to this, other sectors such as culture, business, and education have also benefitted from this booming relationship between the countries.

The improved business ties have enabled more than 300 businesspeople from Israel to set up their operations in Britain. That is according to figures that were provided by the Chamber of Commerce of the two countries. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | About

Sajid Javid who is the U.K Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills revealed during an awards ceremony for the two nations that the business relations had entered the golden era.

The numbers for the trade between the two countries have passed the five-billion-dollar mark yearly, and they are approximated to reach seven billion dollars. These amazing British-Israel relations can be attributed to the brilliant work that Ambassador Daniel Taub has been doing ever since he set foot in his office in 2011. Daniel Taub was born in 1962 in Britain. The diplomat wears many hats including being an author and also an international lawyer.

In addition to this, he has also been entrusted with the task of heading various renowned organizations. The peace-loving diplomat promotes peace in every facet, and while working as a peace envoy, he accompanied a Palestinian colleague on a trip to the Northern Ireland area.

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He also fights passionately for the rights of the Israeli people and even when one of the U. K’s most popular unions wanted to boycott Israel, he asked the administrators to ensure that everyone’s views are included. Even when Bradford was declared an Israel boycott zone by George Galloway, who was the area’s representative he still visited the area.

About Daniel Taub

Although Daniel Taub grew up in Britain, he eventually migrated to Israel in 1989. He then joined the country’s defense forces as a reserve officer. He also worked as a combat medic in the Israel Defense Forces.

He has also worked as a speechwriter for Chaim Herzog, who is one of Israel’s former presidents. In 1991, he joined the country’s foreign ministry.

While here he worked as the Principal Deputy Legal Advisor. The international lawyer provided invaluable advice to his fellow countrymen when they attended international forums like in the UN.

Daniel Taub attended prestigious institutions for his tertiary education they include Harvard University, University College London and University College, Oxford. The writer is married to Zehava, and they have six children. The decorated diplomat has won various awards for his role.

Todd Lubar Shares Thoughts on Baltimore Real Estate Industry

If you have never been to Baltimore, plan of time this summer and secure fast income solutions in a manner that is not depicted in the world of business. There are many real estate opportunities in Baltimore City than any other city in the country according to Todd Lubar. This is why he advises the real estate investors to take their time and achieve better business with the city to secure fast income solutions in a manner that is not paralleled in the business world. While Baltimore has always got a fair share of its negative attention, few of those people would look at the inner parts of the country to achieve unpatrolled solutions.

If you have ever been to the city, you will notice a historic landmark that designs their business association capabilities in a manner that depicts their true leadership skills when it comes to the real estate trends. The state is also growing with massive amounts of businesses that require real estate solutions. The Light Street is one of the olden structures at the center of the city. Because it appears conspicuous, its structure has been adopted for other buildings to help it achieve the desired goals in business. The Bank of America building in the region also depicts the true nature of the real estate trends in the region that foster better business reviews.

Todd Lubar is the CEO and Founder of the TDL Ventures Company based in the United States. For over two decades of real estate experience working as a real estate agent, Todd Lubar has adopted numerous skills to make him one of the best real estate agents in the industry, in more than three occasions, Todd Lubar has been recognized as the best real estate agent of the year. This is because he develops tailored solutions that are geared towards adopting better business solutions. Visit Geeksnews to know more.

Todd Lubar is also the CEO and Founder of the United States-based Legendary Investment Company. He founded the company to increase finding for mortgage clients in his company. He also founded the Legendary Investment Company to provide investment opportunities for its customers.

See more: http://thebrotalk.com/home/todd-lubar-smart-homes-present-opportunities-entrepreneurs/

Creativity as Shown By Bridget Scarr

There is a huge industry for creativity. As a matter of fact, it seems as if no one could get anywhere without creativity. It has been used to build shelters and influence fashion. However, one of the industries that creativity is at home in is the entertainment industry. This is the industry where people have to bring their creativity a lot harder than others so that they can make progress. People express their creativity in the entertainment industry through writing, filming, drawing, acting and plenty of other methods. Creativity can be used for marketing as well. There is no limit to where people in the entertainment industry can go with creativity.


Among the people that have made names for themselves in the entertainment industry is creative director Bridget Scarr. She is an example of creativity. She is always willing to create content that is very compelling and can work with multiple platforms. She has more than 15 years of experience in television, animation, and advertising. Therefore, she has become very comfortable with the industry and has learned how she can use it to her advantage. She has used her experience to bring forth her own production company called Colibri Studios.


Before starting her own production studio, she was a producer working in the television portion of the entertainment industry. Her job was to help other people bring their creative ideas to life. One thing that this involved was helping people refine their ideas and build more on their ideas. For one thing, it is important for people to make sure that their ideas are strong before it gets anywhere. The entertainment industry can be a really tough door to open for people who are new to it.


Given that Bridget Scarr is a creative director, she makes sure that she is able to provide her creativity in the best way imaginable. She starts everyday off with meditation. She uses this time to focus and get energized so that she can figure out her objectives for the day. She also makes sure that she spends time with her family because it is important for her to appreciate what she has and those who she love.


To learn more, visit http://bridgetscarr.com/.

Securus Technologies’ Success In Providing Urgent Solutions For Correctional Facilities

We never end our search for the technologies that help us reach our dreams, aspirations, goals and profit targets. We innovate every single day, find new ways of doing things and continuously solve problems of the world and our people. I think this drive to improve the lives of many is also what’s pushing the workforce of Securus Technologies, Inc. to provide more solutions for the marketplace.


Securus Technologies is the solutions provider in correctional facilities all across the United States. Not just United States, because I think Securus Technologies is also successfully able to access the Canada and Mexico correctional facilities. This achievement is not hard to imagine, especially because Securus Technologies, Inc. is considered right now to be one of the largest providers of parolee tracking, detainee communications tools and various government information management solutions for its inmates.


It’s not easy to monitor a large-scale demographic, especially if they are all correctional facilities. I think what makes Securus Technologies successful in its delivery of such programs and services is because they always provide comprehensive tech solutions that directly address and satisfy their customers. Headquartered in Dallas Texas, with regional offices in the Dallas central district, as well as in Atlanta, Georgia, Securus continues to do business with customer satisfaction as its top priority.


Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction Report


If you want to know whether Securus Technologies can deliver the quality service expected of them, then the October 2016 PRNews article about Securus would be of help to you.


In the article, several copies of the correspondence and emails sent to Securus confirmed that the clients who used or were affected by Securus solutions were happy that Securus prevented crimes in the facilities because of their software. Another email also mentioned how grateful the client was for Securus’ LBS software that helped the sheriff department recovered millions of illegal assets.



Madison Street Capital Sustains the Impressive Performance Reputation

The Madison Street Capital Reputation is Excellent. They are a venture managing an account firm who works on a worldwide level and are focused on magnificence, respectability, administration and authority.

They have practical experience in obtaining and merger skill, money related counseling administrations and sentiments and valuation administrations. They enable private and open organizations to succeed universally. They treat the destinations and objectives of their customers as their own.

Madison Street Capital sees the developing markets as the principle part in helping their customers develop. Consequently their benefits stay concentrated on these business sectors.

The firm uses a blend of a to a great degree abnormal state of expert gauges and relentless commitment to gain their customers trust.

Madison Street Capital’s notoriety goes before the organization. Madison Street Capital is a general venture keeping money organization that is focused on administration, perfection, administration, and trustworthiness in conveying budgetary consultative administrations to secretly and openly held organizations.

Madison Street Capital has the understanding that the corporate fund’s chance affectability is significant. Consequently, the organization can react perseveringly and rapidly to these open doors when they introduce themselves. The approach of the firm make the corporate money related exchanges where the two financial specialists and entrepreneurs advantage commonly.

As indicated by the organization, they are furnished with the information and experience to coordinate merchants and purchasers together with other capitalization structures and suitable financing to each circumstance approaching a customer. Read more: Madison Street Capital Investment Banking Overview | Academia

For the organization, the technique connected reflects significant experience and skill in the corporate budgetary regions. The organization additionally offers benefits in mergers and obtaining, showcase estimating and due perseverance, valuations, particular financings, bargain organizing, and the usage plan of option leave methodologies.

For every one of those times of expert experience, the organization has assisted their clients in various industry verticals with reaching their objectives in the most helpful way. Learn more about Michael and Lacey: http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/promotions/chi-ugc-article-madison-street-capitals-chief-operating-offi-2016-04-12-story.html

Madison Street Capital’s understanding and involvement in corporate money related territories and corporate administration are the reason they are in front of the rest in giving Mergers and obtaining, budgetary counseling administrations, and valuation administrations.

Madison Street Capital has territorial workplaces in Africa, Asia, and North America. For the organization to prevail in their every day tries, they have received a worldwide system of business relations.

Boraie Development to Sponsor Free Summer Movies

This prestigious State Theatre has some great news to its customers and the country at large. According to the company management, people will have the opportunity to enjoy free movie series in this year’s summer. According to a recent report, the free movies will be sponsored by the popular Boraie Development Company. The Provident Bank Foundation is also believed to be among the sponsors of the activity. There will be several movies for the audience to enjoy, and they will be airing every day at 7.00 PM and 10.30 AM. The tickets for the movies will be given to the people free of charge. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms for more info.

According to a report released to the public by Rutgers, there will be six movies for everyone to enjoy. The main aim of the activity is to give the young people an opportunity to enjoy watching their best films in the company of their families. Summer camps and any other group that is interested in the activity have also been allowed to take part in the movie series. The movies will be showing at the prestigious State Theatre. The film palace has been in the limelight for a while now due to the features it is offering the consumers.

Hiam Boraie, the current vice president of the popular Boraie Development Company, says that his firm is very proud to sponsor the event for the second time. According to him, the excellent series is the perfect opportunity for the local families and the young people to see movies and at the same time enjoy the historic venue. Sam Boraie says that he is looking forward to sponsoring more events in the future. This is the best commitment to show the world that they care about the local communities.

Jane Kurek, currently operating as the Executive Director of The authoritative Provident Bank Foundation says that she is excited about the event. The summer will be a perfect time for the young people, and they will not have a chance to engage in dangerous behaviors. People from all backgrounds will be given an opportunity to enjoy the summer, regardless of their income. The movie series has been in the country for a while. With the new platform, it is expected to bring a better experience to the consumers.

The Boraie Development Company is one of the most respected construction companies in the United States. The institution was founded by Omar Boraie several years ago, and it has changed the lives of many people in the country by offering the best real estate and construction companies.

How Lime Crime is Helping LA’s Stray Cat Problem

The problem of homeless cats in major cities is becoming worse and worse. It is a wonderful thing when a person steps up to help solve this issue. It is even a more wonderful thing when an entire company steps up to help stray cats.


Cosmetic company Lime Crime and its founder Doe Deere are doing just that. Lime Crime recently introduced a brand new line of make up packages called the Kitty Bundles. Kitty Bundles maintain Lime Crime’s bright and funky color patterns, but for each one sold 20% of the profits will go directly to Kitty Bungalow. Kitty Bungalow is a 501(c)3 charity in Los Angeles that helps stray cats to find homes in the most fun way.


Kitty Bungalow is more than a cat adoption facility, the company prides itself on being a type of “charm” school for cats. When a cat is rescued and send to the Kitty Bungalow they are taught an entire curriculum of cat “manners.” This could vary from learning how to use the litter box so they don’t have accidents, or learning how to interact with children. Kitty Bungalow even teaches basic manners like how to interact with humans. There are no cages at Kitty Bungalow and cats enjoy full open play to help them socialize with other cats. This socialization fuels their re-entry into society and will eventually help them find a loving home.


Doe Deere is very passionate about cats finding their permanent homes. She encourages her team to adopt pets and the company itself makes a big hurrah each time a new pet is adopted by a staff member.


Doe Deere founded Lime Crime in the mid 2000s after she moved to new York from Russia. She is incredibly passionate about bright, bold colors. She is known for her ever changing hair color and her incredible porcelein skin that she uses as a palatte to craft wonderful vibrant looks using her Lime Crime colors. However, she also is passionate about encouraging others to use Lime Crime colors to express themselves.


When she founded Lime Crime she wanted women to see it as a way to express their inner beauty. She did not want women to feel like they had to fit in by wearing the same makeup and sporting the same look that everyone did. Over a decade later, Lime Crime has one of the most loyal fan bases of any beauty company on the market and it continues to expand.

Reference: http://blogwebpedia.com/doe-deere-introduces-kitty-bundles-support-cats.html/

Brian Torchin – One of America’s Top Health Care Recruiters

What Media Outlets Featured – CNN’s “ireport” featured a story in 2014 about Chiropractic Physician Brian Torchin’s journey to help provide the best health care professionals possible to medical practices throughout the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Florida.

According to Glassdoor, To do this, Brian Torchin had formed Health Care Recruitment Counselors based in Philadelphia to manage and staff medical practices. What sets Brian apart from his competitors is how he has used his knowledge of the medical field to provide invaluable insight to both medical professionals and to the patients and facilities they serve.

Whether it is a traditional medical practice or one specializing in pain management or an alternative medicine clinic, all are treated with the utmost honesty, integrity and professionalism. With great inspiration and expertise, Brian has developed Health Care Recruitment Counselors into one of the nation’s foremost healthcare staffing agencies.

Advantages of Using His Services – Brian Torchin offers a full array of staffing services to private medical practices, urgent care facilities and hospitals. He provides placement for medical doctors of many specialties, chiropractic physicians, dentists, acupuncturists, podiatrists, physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners, physical therapists and for front office, credentialing and billing positions.

Positions can be placed for either full time or part time requirements. There are many advantages to using Brian’s company for all staffing needs as documented by his many excellent client testimonials. Lulu revealed that for example, if a worker is needed on short notice for any reason, Brian Torchin can provide a replacement extremely quickly and often within 72 hours.

No payment is ever required upfront and the client only pays a fee if a worker is hired. Clients are free to advertise and place applicants themselves while working with Brian since there is no exclusivity required.

Brian conducts candid telephone interviews with all candidates, schedules interviews and even conducts contract negotiations. Best of all, Brian Torchin’s medical placement services are less expensive than his competitors and he is available day or night to fill any and all emergency needs

José Auriemo Neto: A Major Force Behind Brazil’s JJHSF Participações S.A

In Brazil, the company JHSF Participações S.A. is known for its great work in high-end residential and commercial real estate. JHSF also has a reputation for developing and managing some of the country’s best upscale hotel, shopping centers and executive airports. Overall, when people in Brazil think about JHSF, the high quality of their work is the first thing that comes to mind. Since its founding in 1972, JHSF Participações S.A. has developed a reputation for innovative construction designs, pioneering projects and the ability to get the job done right no matter what challenge their projects face.

JHSF has four separate divisions each dealing with different types of projects. The business units are Airport, Fasano Hotel & Restaurants, Incorporation and Shopping Centers. A publicly traded company, JHSF has been listed on Brazil’s Bovespa since 2007. Known for its ability to identify and take advantage of lucrative business opportunities, JHSF is now doing projects all over the world. In addition to its work in São Paulo, Manaus and Salvador, the company also builds and manages properties in Punta del Este in Uruguay and New York and Miami in the United States. Click here to know more about JHSF.

José Auriemo Neto is JHSF’s chairman and CEO. He was hired by the company in 1993 after he graduated from Säo Paulo’s Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado University. Since that time he has created the company’s services department, Parkbem, their parking lot management company and oversaw the development of the very successful Shopping Santa Cruz, JHSF’s first shopping destination. José Auriemo Neto also manages the company’s extensive retail and shopping portfolio which includes the Säo Paulo based shopping complex, Cidade Jardim, the Ponta Negra shopping centre located in Manaus and Bela Vista in Salvador.

In addition to managing two developments in Brazil’s Sao Paulo district, Neto also signed Jimmy Choo, Pucci, Hermes and Valentino to exclusive partnership deals. The luxury brands opened their first retail outlets in the Cidade Jadrim shopping complex owned by JHSF. He also oversaw the launch of Brazil’s first Valentino and R.E.D. Valentino retail outlets. Auriemo Neto also manages the brand’s hotels, office buildings and public developments.

James Larkin- Activist for Union Rights

James Larkin was born on January 21, 1876 in Liverpool, England, the second eldest son of Irish immigrants. As young child, he and his family lived in the slums of Liverpool. Due to his family’s poverty and need for supplemental income, at age seven James would attend school in the morning and work in the evening so that he could help to provide more income for the family.

By today’s standards this may seem unreasonable, however, during this particular time in history such arrangements were common among families and labor companies.

At age fourteen, James’s father died and he became an apprentice to the company that his father worked at, however, he would be dismissed after only two years.

After being dismissed, he spent some time unemployed. However, he would find employment as a sailor and docker, achieving the position of dock foreman in 1903. James Larkin was a socialist, and held the belief that workers were treated unfairly. His beliefs would eventually lead him to join the strike on the Liverpool docks in 1905. Read more: Jim Larkin – Biography

Though he lost his job as a result of taking part in the strike, his performance during the endeavor impressed the National Union of Dock Labourers to the extent that the offered him a position as a temporary organizer for the party. In 1906 he would gain a permanent position with the unit that resulted in him being transferred to Scotland.

He utilized this period to successfully organize efforts and workers together in Preston and Glasgow and also protested against the use of Chinese immigrants as workers in the docks because he felt that their employment was a threat to workers.

After working Scotland and organizing workers there, James Larkin moved his efforts to Ireland in 1907. It was there that he would organize the workers to stand together against employers that would not meet the demands for wage increases and other benefits that had long been denied to Irish workers.

However, it was also during this time that he would expelled from the NUDL due to him using funds to pay workers that were on strike and not receiving compensation while engaged in such activities.

After his expulsion from the NUDL, James Larkin founded the Irish Transport and General Worker’s Union (ITGWU), which still exists today in the form of other union organizations.

Larkin would continue his organizing efforts throughout his life. In 1913, he promoted the boycotting of goods and services among Irish workers. In 1914, he would leave Ireland and travel to the United States to join the Socialist Party of America, however, he would be expelled in 1919.

Larkin would take part in other efforts before returning to Ireland 1923. Upon returning to Europe, he would meet with other trade organizers and union organizers to work on rights for laborers across Ireland.

James Larkin died on January, 30, 1947. His life would be remembered for his work in organizing workers as a Marxist all the way until his death.