James Dondero of Highland Capital Management

In a recent SEC filing, James Dondero of Highland Capital Management reported owning an 11 percent passive stake in Pendrell. This is as of August 4, 2016. Pendrell is well known in the world of intellectual property. The company is a fully integrated intellectual property advisory, investment, and asset management firm.

The knowledge that James Dondero and Highland Capital Management have bought into Pendrell in a big way has piqued the interest of others in the finance world. When Dondero makes a move, everyone takes notice. With his track record of success, competitors and up and comers alike follow his moves very closely.

Recently, Prendrell has been doing very well. The company’s second quarter results surpassed expectations, and it has been trading for less than its net current asset value. When James Dondero sees an opportunity like this, he does not let it pass him by. No one knows how to jump on a good thing quite like he does.

He is a co-founder of Highland Capital Management. Dondero is an expert when it comes to providing innovative credit solutions for both retail and institutional investors. Based in Dallas, TX, he is a graduate of the prestigious McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia.

In addition to his success in the world of business, James Dondero is known for being a mensch. His philanthropic endeavors are extensive. The three areas of focus for his giving are veterans’ issues, education, and public policy.

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