Why Kenneth Goodgame Plays a Good Game in Business

Kenneth Goodgame, SVP, and CMO of True Value Hardware has a good game going. As the SVP and CMO, Goodgame also has his hands in the mix with the responsibilities of marketing as well as sales and retail merchandising. His leadership abilities in Operations Management make him a favorite among hardware companies, encouraging them to strive for better marketing and look at innovative ways of driving a customer-based relationship.

Goodgame’s ability to be forward thinking, and to make a solid financial forecast has rendered him a tremendous success in business. Additionally, Goodgame is intuitive with his long-term financial strategies for business. Goodgame’s main goal is to find the perfect balance in relationships with executive leaders and employees, and he is driven to align the corporate executive in their mission and goals overall.

Secondly, Kenneth Goodgame desires that the level of employee engagement is high and that quality assurance is just as high. Goodgame sees that with employees as the first representation of your company, their happiness and sense of well-being and being well-directed are critical to the success of any company.

The promotion of growth in alignment with top level leadership will continue to not only encourage employees toward more success but ultimately the company will benefit from the efforts made by both teams. Goodgame also feels that cost analysis is important when attempting to bridge the gap between being profitable and giving the customer the true value for any experience they have with his stores.

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Kenneth Goodgame leads True Value Company to success

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