Richard Blair Takes the Financial Planning to Another Level

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has managed to get a lot of customers to look at the process of building a portfolio is a much different way than they did before. He has managed to gain certifications as a Certified Annuity Specialist and a Certified Estate and Trust Specialist. These are areas of expertise that have helped him build give clients the access to whole new way of managing their portfolio.


The Wealth Solutions Learning Center gives people a chance to become active in managing their wealth. This is something that Richard Blair believes that all customers should take interest in. Blair has a degree in finance that he received from the University of Houston, and he has continued to work in Texas has he helps people preserve their wealth.


Richard Blair spends his time from the office with his wife and his family, and he wants other people to have the joy of spending time with their family without having to worry about their finances. He thinks that the financial industry has a lot of areas where people could maximize their wealth, but it takes someone with the experience to point their areas out. Richard Blair has two decades of experience, and he has made sure that people are constructing better retirement plans.


It is wise for investors to have someone that knows about the different types of financial investment options that are available. A person that is trying to save on their own may not have the discipline or the knowledge to invest wisely in the beginning. They may not know all of the ins and outs that come with building a solid portfolio.


Richard Blair uses his knowledge to bridge the gap between investors and investment options. He serves as a resourceful consultant that has managed to help people look at maximizing their returns with diversification. Everyone may not know about stocks, but they do not have to base all of their Investments on stocks. What Richard does is give people the ability to place some money in one place while they put money in other places that may be more moderate. There are lot of investors that may be hyped up about investing in stocks because they see hot stocks like Amazon and Apple that are bringing for lots of profits. Stocks are risky and no investors should place all of their money into stocks alone.

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