Doe Deere And Lime Crime Tossing Out The Makeup Playing Rules

If you know Doe Deere’s story and how she carefully built her cosmetics empire, you would be quite impressed. Lime Crime has challenged the giant makeup industry and the huge companies involved, showing that a small idea can bear fruit and create an orchard.


Doe Deere spoke with GuestOfAGuest about her entrepreneurial spirit and never die attitude.


Doe Deere is Russian-born and spent happy years there, developing her businesslike approach to life. At age 13, the popular teen was selling temporary tattoos to her fellow classmates. She loved fashion, hair and makeup and pretty vibrant colors.


After moving to New York City in her late teens, Doe Deere joined a band and met her future husband Mark there. She also used her creative edge in fashion and makeup ventures.


Doe Deere came up with the idea to launch her own cosmetics brand in 2008. The timing was brilliant, and there was a niche for bold makeup. She jumped in fearlessly and hoped for the best.


Lime Crime was the brand, and frankly, the name has stuck. In addition, Lime Crime is a most “Google-able” name, so the unusual moniker is a good thing for business.


Doe Deere is internet savvy and has been extremely successful at building her brand on e-commerce, which isn’t easy. Online stores come and go, and many burn out; Lime Crime continues to soar, thanks to great makeup and social media attention.


Lime Crime is unique because the competition ignored the bold makeup arena, sticking to its old, worn-out rules for palette colors and makeup standards. Doe Deere’s strange lipstick shades and eye shadow colors are hauntingly beautiful, one of a kind. Glitter, glam and iridescence are common in her fantasy, freeing cosmetics.


Doe Deere’s Lime Crime mission is clear and simple. She wants young women and men, too, to enjoy the freedom and self-empowerment her bold makeup delivers. Wearing a stunning peacock-colored blue lipstick is a personal choice, for example and one that should be worn without apologies.


Lime Crime is modern cosmetics with a sharp edge. Doe Deere has helped bring down those tired cosmetics traditions of boring beige palettes, where red is the rare bold shade allowed under certain circumstances. Lime Crime makeup is loud and proud and worn anytime.


Today, Lime Crime is an independent makeup company based in Los Angeles. Doe Deere has been recognized as a top entrepreneur.

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Copa Star; A Hospital with Five-Star Services

There are many hospitals in Rio de Janeiro, but there is none that stands out quite like Copa Star. This hospital is owned by D’Or Sao Luiz Network. The network is known for specializing in providing luxurious healthcare services. However, Copa Star is the epitome of it.

One can say that the hospital construction is good value for money. The construction of the 7storey building, which seats on 20,000 sq. meters cost the network a whopping R$400 million. The money went towards the erection of one of the most elegant buildings in the area. In fact, the building is so beautiful that you would think of ticking it as the perfect accommodation when you are in Copacabana Beach. I applaud the constructors for having paid keen attention to every detail. Other than just designing another beautiful building, they decided to make it energy efficient. The Penetron Technology used helps the building to conserve approximately 50% energy.


If you came to Copa Star, you wouldn’t tell the difference between the hospital and a five-star hotel, both in terms of the décor and services. The D’Or network contracted Toyota, an award-winning artist; to do all the art that you will find extravagantly portrayed in all areas of the hospital- from the hallways to the private suit patios.

When you check in to the hospital, as a patient, you are allocated to a private suite. The suite has a private balcony to give you a perfect view of the Copacabana beach. Other than that, the patios are fully furnished with high-end sofas. Together with your guests, you can relax here and connect. Also, you are free to have a guest sleep in your suite. Besides, it is a private suite, not an ordinary hospital room. And you have everything to make your stay as private as possible. The hospital will provide you with an iPad to use when you need to see a doctor. You can hold live video appointments with your doctors. This prevents the inconvenience of leaving your room to get a doctor.

The private systems are built in such a way that you can control the environment. You can control the drapes, lights and even the position of your bed. If this is not luxury in a hospital, I don’t know what is.

The type of luxury that Copa Star accords to patients, admitted to the private suits, extended to patients in the ICU. The 49 Intensive Care Rooms are equipped with screens that bring a live feed of the activities in the streets and the Copacabana beach. This way, the patients don’t have to feel secluded. Not being lonely helps the patients to have a speedy recovery. View the design at

Educational Reforms Agenda by Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is the chairperson of Michigan Republican Party. She was elected to the position four times. She has been involved in politics for more than 35 years. She began politics while still on campus. Besty has led numerous campaigns, party organizations, and political action committees ever since. Besty is also the founder of the Wind Quest Group. This is a firm that she founded together with her husband known as Dick in 1989. It is a privately held enterprise and an investment management firm that invests in Technology, manufacturing, clean technology, and nonprofit solutions. She is also the chairman of the Philanthropy Roundtable. She is widely involved in charity and philanthropic works. Besty is very much involved in her community where she is part of national and local boards including DeVos Institute for Art Management, Mars Hill Bible Church, Kids Hope the USA, and the foundation for excellence in education.

Mrs. DeVos also serves as the chairman of the American Federation for Children. This is an education advocacy group that advocates for school choice and charter schools. She is also the chairperson of Dick and Betsy Devos family foundation. She has used her political efforts to advocate for the best educational setting for the American children. This is a desire that was partly initiated after witnessing how parents suffered to raise tuition fees for their children. This made Besty and her husband known as Dick to start the scholarship funding for students in Potters house. This move did not satisfy her because she could only reach a small percentage of low-income families. She decided to find another solution. She got involved in an educational choice movement that would help to direct funds to the needy students. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

Dick secured a position in the Board of Education Michigan in 1990. Besty served on the boards of two National charities known as Children First America and the American Educational Reform Council in the same year. Both of them were advocating for school choice through vouchers and tax credits. Dick and Betsy DeVos were both involved in passing Michigan first charter school bill in 1993. They also tried to change the state constitution to allow tax credits scholarships or vouchers. They were unsuccessful. They did not give up after the failure of the constitution amendment. They later got involved in political action committee in Michigan called the Great Lakes Education. Dick runs a charter school in the flying and Aircraft School. School choice has been adopted in three states. Betsy Devos emphasizes that education should be nonpartisan. Technology has a great impact on the educational sector. More children can access school through the internet. This will greatly assist parents to make better choices for their children. Charter schools are also increasing. More low-income families will access affordable education. Homeschooling will also play a significant role in meeting education needs of the children comfortably.

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Who is Rick Shinto?

InnovaCare has taken over the North American healthcare industry by offering sustainable and affordable yet quality services. Striking a balance between these two aspects has seen the company amass a loyal clientele of over 200,000 patients.

InnovaCare’s growth can be attributed to one thing; strategic leadership. Excellence is what you get when you employ a CEO who has been a leader in the industry for over 2 decades. Someone so knowledgeable about the industry that they have published articles. A person who has in the past been proven to lead successful companies. For InnovaCare, this person is Rick Shinto.

Rick Shinto joined InnovaCare in the year 2012. Holding the position of company CEO, he has been instrumental in the strategic decision making for the company. He develops sustainable strategies and model that the company can thrive in. He is good at research and knows how to deliver what the people want rather than what he thinks that the people want. Working in a network of over 7,000 providers, there is nothing that InnovaCare cannot achieve. Learn more about Rick on XRepublic.

Prior to joining InnovaCare, Rick Shinto worked for Aveta Inc. He worked for Aveta Inc. since the year 2008 to the year 2012 when the company was sold. He served the company as the CEO and president, overseeing the making of all major decisions influencing success of the company.

Prior to joining Aveta Inc., Rick Shinto worked for the North American Medical Management, California. At NAMM, Shinto was the Chief Medical Officer. A position that he was well deserving of. Other NAMM, Shinto has worked for other companies including Cal Optima and MedPartners. This has given expansive knowledge and experience in the industry so that nothing to him is a jargon. The various leadership positions he held in the past have also enabled him learn how to serve while at the same time maintaining control.

Rick Shinto also makes a good leader due to his education background. He holds two bachelors’ and one master’s degree. He graduated with his bachelor’s degree of science, from the University of California’s branch, which is based in Irvine. He also Studied at State University of New York, based in Stony Brook and acquired his medical degree. Later on, he took a postgraduate degree course in Business Administration, from the University of Redlands. His MBA has given him insight on how to strategically manage people.


Lifeline Screening Helping In Detecting A Condition Before It’s Too Late

Most people will wait until they develop severe symptoms before they see a doctor. If you ask them why they wait until the last minute, some of them will casually say that they wanted to save money or didn’t think it was something serious. Consequently, the diseases transpire to something serious, and they are left in inconsolable states, exposed to uncertainty, and end up spending a lot of money. What most people don’t know is that even the most severe diseases can be cured at their early stages.

How can you detect a condition at an early stage? Well, it’s done through preventive health screening, a technology that detects risky health problems often with no symptoms. Where can you get exceptional screening services? Well, look no further, Life Line Screening is here for you. Life Line Screening is a leading screening facility that offers direct-to-customer and community-based preventive health screenings. Why them?

Prowess and Technology

They have sophisticated screening technology that will identify most risks such as stroke, carotid artery disease, and more. The results are inspected by physicians who are highly trained and are board certified. They will ensure the results are simple and detailed for your doctor to understand your overall health condition. Additionally, the physicians also offer lifestyle advice on the changes you are supposed to make before severe health problems occur.

E-newsletter and follow up
To them, you are more than a patient; their physicians will follow up to know about your progress in case you were diagnosed with a condition. They also have Life Line Screening Health E-Newsletter that chiefly focuses on your individual wellness efforts. The newsletters are informative and contain in-depth details on how you can change your lifestyle to control your condition better.

Helps you educate your employees
They have corporate wellness programs that are aimed at helping companies maintain a healthy workforce. They will educate the employees on the importance of screening, engage them, and empower them.