Copa Star; A Hospital with Five-Star Services

There are many hospitals in Rio de Janeiro, but there is none that stands out quite like Copa Star. This hospital is owned by D’Or Sao Luiz Network. The network is known for specializing in providing luxurious healthcare services. However, Copa Star is the epitome of it.

One can say that the hospital construction is good value for money. The construction of the 7storey building, which seats on 20,000 sq. meters cost the network a whopping R$400 million. The money went towards the erection of one of the most elegant buildings in the area. In fact, the building is so beautiful that you would think of ticking it as the perfect accommodation when you are in Copacabana Beach. I applaud the constructors for having paid keen attention to every detail. Other than just designing another beautiful building, they decided to make it energy efficient. The Penetron Technology used helps the building to conserve approximately 50% energy.


If you came to Copa Star, you wouldn’t tell the difference between the hospital and a five-star hotel, both in terms of the décor and services. The D’Or network contracted Toyota, an award-winning artist; to do all the art that you will find extravagantly portrayed in all areas of the hospital- from the hallways to the private suit patios.

When you check in to the hospital, as a patient, you are allocated to a private suite. The suite has a private balcony to give you a perfect view of the Copacabana beach. Other than that, the patios are fully furnished with high-end sofas. Together with your guests, you can relax here and connect. Also, you are free to have a guest sleep in your suite. Besides, it is a private suite, not an ordinary hospital room. And you have everything to make your stay as private as possible. The hospital will provide you with an iPad to use when you need to see a doctor. You can hold live video appointments with your doctors. This prevents the inconvenience of leaving your room to get a doctor.

The private systems are built in such a way that you can control the environment. You can control the drapes, lights and even the position of your bed. If this is not luxury in a hospital, I don’t know what is.

The type of luxury that Copa Star accords to patients, admitted to the private suits, extended to patients in the ICU. The 49 Intensive Care Rooms are equipped with screens that bring a live feed of the activities in the streets and the Copacabana beach. This way, the patients don’t have to feel secluded. Not being lonely helps the patients to have a speedy recovery. View the design at

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