George Street Chicago and Miami

George Street Photo and Video has numerous locations across the United States to serve your wedding photography needs. They understand that your wedding day is likely one of the greatest moments of your life and we want to be a part of it, no matter where you are.

George Street has 3 locations in the great American city of Chicago, Illinois! Chicago is a great city with numerous shoot locations that can capture your wedding photography in an iconic way. From the Magnificent Mile to Lake Michigan to Wrigley Field and the Chicago River, this city offers many great places for your shoot.

For those who desire a more vibrant and tropic location, Miami is another great location to shoot weddings and George Street has locations there as well. Miami Beach, South Pointe Park, Star Island; Miami has great visuals for wedding photos. If you prefer a night shoot then Miami’s nightlife is perfect for you.


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  1. For most of us, there are different things that stand as a symbol to us and there is need to look at the places here in George Street to see if we can see some. Also can have the results that we have for wedding and in motivation to use the service of the professionals. I think that will be good in the most vibrant results that will push new boundaries in the need for perfect wedding scenes.

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