Todd Lubar’s Involvement In Real Estate Development

In real estate, there has been a revolution of how people search and share information on homes. One, in particular, is the introduction of Smart home technology, all thanks to the internet and digital technology. This technology is an extension of the Internet of Things (IoT) that allows homeowners monitor and control their smart devices in their homes through mobile devices such as smartphones. Some of the changes witnessed are thermostats and force-detecting floors that have the ability to sense quality issues. These changes improve the value and market of the homes, therefore, attracting buyers.

According to Patch, entrepreneurs willing to invest in real estate prefer smart homes because their demand is increasing in the market. They offer more opportunities that the investors cannot resist. Some of the advantages of the entrepreneurs are that they can easily monitor the occupants’ movements without being physically there. With just a click on their smartphones, their lives are made simpler. However, the technology also has its setbacks, especially with a large population. When the population is huge, insecurity issues are on the rise. Therefore, the smart home technology needs to improve.

Most American homes have advanced to the smart technology thanks to Amazon and Apple. Some development companies have also announced that their incoming home projects will be presented with a home technology package. So simple tasks such closing doors or switching lights will be done by just pressing a button.

With smart home technology, both seniors and millennial have a share, for instance, for an older person seeking to remain independent, he or she can look for a home that is fitted with health and safety boosting devices.

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur in real estate who has for the longest time predicted the rise of smart home technologies. Todd works for TDL Global Ventures, LLC as the President and has over twenty years’ experience in real estate, assisting people to find their perfect homes. According to Todd, as a business owner, one should build a culture of trust and honest communication regardless of the setbacks that come along.

As seen on his Facebook posts, Todd Lubar  is a family man that posts pictures of either him or his family. He attended Syracuse University and acquired a bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication and Rhetoric.

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