Securus Technologies’ Success In Providing Urgent Solutions For Correctional Facilities

We never end our search for the technologies that help us reach our dreams, aspirations, goals and profit targets. We innovate every single day, find new ways of doing things and continuously solve problems of the world and our people. I think this drive to improve the lives of many is also what’s pushing the workforce of Securus Technologies, Inc. to provide more solutions for the marketplace.


Securus Technologies is the solutions provider in correctional facilities all across the United States. Not just United States, because I think Securus Technologies is also successfully able to access the Canada and Mexico correctional facilities. This achievement is not hard to imagine, especially because Securus Technologies, Inc. is considered right now to be one of the largest providers of parolee tracking, detainee communications tools and various government information management solutions for its inmates.


It’s not easy to monitor a large-scale demographic, especially if they are all correctional facilities. I think what makes Securus Technologies successful in its delivery of such programs and services is because they always provide comprehensive tech solutions that directly address and satisfy their customers. Headquartered in Dallas Texas, with regional offices in the Dallas central district, as well as in Atlanta, Georgia, Securus continues to do business with customer satisfaction as its top priority.


Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction Report


If you want to know whether Securus Technologies can deliver the quality service expected of them, then the October 2016 PRNews article about Securus would be of help to you.


In the article, several copies of the correspondence and emails sent to Securus confirmed that the clients who used or were affected by Securus solutions were happy that Securus prevented crimes in the facilities because of their software. Another email also mentioned how grateful the client was for Securus’ LBS software that helped the sheriff department recovered millions of illegal assets.



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