Todd Lubar’s Success Journey

Todd Lubar launched the real estate business in 1995. He was the president of TDL Global Ventures, LLC and Sr.Vp to legendary investment. Todd Lubar believed in hard work, and he had a lot of goals to accomplish. His dreams were to prosper in his entrepreneur work and also assist young people who were interested in entrepreneurs work. Lubar worked for more than 20 years in the real estate. He worked in the entertainment industry to construction and later to mortgage banking.

His primary focus was to serve the community. Lubar experienced a lot of challenges in his investment work. This made him understand clearly what many youths pass through when investing. To curb this issue, Luber comes up with the TDL institution. His main aim was to assist young entrepreneurs to be able to access loans.

In the year 2003, Lubar opened a funding charter which enabled him to access a lot of wealth. With the help of the subsidiary first Magnus Financial Corporation charter, Lubar was in a position to expand is businesses. This made him proud of his work and encouraged him greatly, he shares on

Lubar was a big success in his work and never knew how to give up. Once he achieves one of his targets, he goes ahead and sets another destination for him. The mortgage industry where he was operating began to go through significant changes in 2007. Lubar took a step forward and started involving himself in other lines of business.

With his experience and tireless efforts, Todd Lubar began doing commercial demolition. This made him be stronger and invest heavily. Many companies had a lot of trust in him, and he could win big tenders. Lubar began to get large contracts from the most prominent general contractors. Lubar started to recycle of scrap material making his company grow wide.

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