Todd Lubar: Proponent of The Internet of Things

Historically, the world’s global economy has been affected the most by innovations created, not by the governments of these nations, but by individual innovations by forward-thinking entrepreneurs. The advent of the steam engine was one of the world’s most influential innovations, making travel more efficient on land and water, while also providing new jobs for a vast amount of the world’s citizens. Innovation has traditionally disrupted existing markets, rendering old jobs outmoded while creating new jobs that have proved to more lucrative for employees. In the opinion of Todd Lubar, we are now experiencing the gilded age technological advances. This is currently being proven in developing countries across the world, as they are now adopting new technologies that have allowed them to catch up to the many of the dominant countries in the western world. In any competitive market, innovation is a constant staple, yet the real estate industry has lacked behind other sectors in this facet, but as of late, with the growing attraction of smart technology within the home, investors such as Todd Lubar have been incorporating these principles within the real estate business. You can visit to see more.

With the internet of things growing on a consistent basis, smart home technology has been taken to new heights, changing the ways in which our daily tasks are completed. Each element of the home, including lighting, locks, and virtual assistants can be controlled remotely through the implementation of smart home technology. For those with physical handicaps, smart home technology has significantly increased the overall efficiency of tasks that, in the very recent past, were deemed to be difficult, if not wholly impossible. Check out his page for more.

Todd Lubar is a real estate entrepreneur that has been dedicating a large portion of his time in championing the implementation of smart technology in the home. Viewing it as the future of the real estate market, he has been a staunch proponent of smart homes since the internet of things began gaining traction. Today, Mr. Lubar is the President of TDL Global Ventures LLC and has spent the majority of his career working in mortgage banking.

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The Remarkable Mind Of Michael Lacey

Since recent memory, Michael Thoreau Lacey has occupied a properly well-deserved position at the forefront of America’s intellectual vanguard. His focus lies within the far-reaching world of mathematics. In his field, Lacey is deeply renowned for his accomplishments. Despite this, he remains a quiet figure. Lacey is the opposite of exultant. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

It simply is not in Lacy’s nature to act arrogant or with pretense. In other words, Michael Lacey is a man of genuine integrity. He doesn’t advertise his accomplishments as a plea for academic celebrity, Lacey sincerely cares for his work, every shade and nuance of it.

Michael Lacey obtained a Ph.D. at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The year was 1987, and Lacey designed his thesis under the guidance of the celebrated Austrian mathematician, Walter Phillip, an enigmatic and beloved man who spent half of his time with math and the other half as a mountaineer.

Lacey’s thesis provided a solution to a problem related to a proposition concerning the law of the iterated logarithm in light of what is called characteristic function, an element of probability theory. This said probability theory he explored, existed within a vector or ‘Cauchy space’, referred in Lacey’s thesis as a Banach Space.

His intellectual hunger did not abate at U of I. While search of a focus, Michael Lacey found Harmonic analysis, an arm of mathematics reflective of Lacey’s penchant for subtleties. Harmonic analysis has a multitude of applications. In other words, it is a universe unto itself.

The study is about the particularities of the big picture, the nuances of an ambitious equation. His work alongside Walter Phillip continued at UNC Chapel Hill. Read more: Michael Lacey |Math Alliance and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

The duo provided evidence in support of CLT, a branch of probability theory that is almost certain to be exact. Later, Lacey studied the Hilbert transform, and has received both the National Science Postdoctoral and Guggenheim fellowships.

Ultimately, Michael Lacey is a figure to be admired, a man who ascended to the top of his field yet never stopped asking the hard questions.

Bob Reina – Article Recap

Continuing to outperform the competitors, Talk Fusion has introduced an improved, unsurpassable edition of Live Meetings. Bob Reina gifted the business world a cutting edge, simpler way to communicate with one another with an updated interface. Making great use of the WebRTC system, Live Meetings utilizes the newest software recording technology, but doesn’t require a separate download making the system simpler, yet far more effective. Now, users can access it through their web browser. Time is money, and the improved system saves that time, as no other plug-in software is necessary making conferences and meetings far more productive. Supporting 15 hosts, and 500 participants, and guests maintaining the ability to connect via tablet, smartphone or PC, Talk Fusion greatly benefits business professionals by providing the most valuable communication system on the market presently.


Live Meetings outdistances, exceeds beyond any other business tool today. Permitting users to communicate by voice, clear audio and video making meetings and presentations a step above, eliminating plug in downloads, enhanced security, the value of Live Meetings not only maintains its well-known quality and reliability, but has become the number one asset from entrepreneurs to established business professionals. Talk Fusion continues to improve on its technology at a very rapid pace, and Bob Reina, the founder, has committed to see this unparalleled system utilized in every Talk Fusion software application, not just Live Meetings.


A former police officer, Bob Reina found his proficient selling abilities while earning an extra income on a commission based job. Soon, he focused on network marketing, thus Talk Fusion was born and has continued developing new software and impressive marketing strategies ever since.


Bob Reina is not only a man that creates and designs for the success of others; his heart is also directed in avenues that change lives. A true philanthropist, the Humane Society has benefited greatly from this man who believes in giving back. Contributing to a variety of non-profit organizations, including an orphanage in Indonesia, he also permits his employees to give free Video Site software to charities in order to assist in their own selfless endeavors. Learn more:

Tony Petrello: A Supporter Of Education And Research

The most devastating thing about Hurricane Harvey was the massive amount of flooding that hit the Houston Texas area. This region is one of the more densely populated areas throughout the United States so when flood waters rose almost overnight millions of people were affected. The devastation was widespread and left millions without homes or necessities. This sudden hardship prompted many companies to act in order to relieve suffering. The relief efforts began with the employees of Nabors Industries taking time off from work to volunteer it to relief efforts. Their employer saw this act of kindness and knew it should be encouraged.

Nabors Industries took a bold step and granted any employee taking time to help with relief efforts paid time to do it with. The company wanted their employees and community to know that they are behind them. So when the employees later raised over $176,000 to go towards relief efforts the CEO Tony Petrello was there to match the donation.


The company also realized there was more it could do personally. They began by taking advantage of their large company kitchen and began cooking meals for families in need three times a day. About 10% of Nabors Industry’s employees were affected by the flooding. However, their charity is not limited to times of crisis the company has a long history of supporting the Houston community. For example, the Nabors Industry Charitable Foundation has worked tirelessly in its pursuit of aiding the community. They have given over $3million to Nabors Industries Employees and their children towards their education.

These philanthropic endeavors are likely inspired and encouraged by their CEO Tony Petrello. Since moving to Houston from New Jersey Petrello has fallen in love with the area and its people. He has shown his affection through financial support of various charities in the area. The largest benefactor of any of these charitable donations is Texas Children’s Hospital. He personally has donated $7 Million to support their research efforts. With his wife, Cynthia Petrello they make a philanthropic team. their passion is also supporting education. When a former teacher and mentor of Tony Petrello’s died, he elected to donate $150,000 to an award in his instructor’s honor. This instructor was very popular among former students so naturally funds began coming in from other alumni to support it. When these other funds poured in for the endowment fund Petrello donated another $150,000 to match them.

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