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Continuing to outperform the competitors, Talk Fusion has introduced an improved, unsurpassable edition of Live Meetings. Bob Reina gifted the business world a cutting edge, simpler way to communicate with one another with an updated interface. Making great use of the WebRTC system, Live Meetings utilizes the newest software recording technology, but doesn’t require a separate download making the system simpler, yet far more effective. Now, users can access it through their web browser. Time is money, and the improved system saves that time, as no other plug-in software is necessary making conferences and meetings far more productive. Supporting 15 hosts, and 500 participants, and guests maintaining the ability to connect via tablet, smartphone or PC, Talk Fusion greatly benefits business professionals by providing the most valuable communication system on the market presently.


Live Meetings outdistances, exceeds beyond any other business tool today. Permitting users to communicate by voice, clear audio and video making meetings and presentations a step above, eliminating plug in downloads, enhanced security, the value of Live Meetings not only maintains its well-known quality and reliability, but has become the number one asset from entrepreneurs to established business professionals. Talk Fusion continues to improve on its technology at a very rapid pace, and Bob Reina, the founder, has committed to see this unparalleled system utilized in every Talk Fusion software application, not just Live Meetings.


A former police officer, Bob Reina found his proficient selling abilities while earning an extra income on a commission based job. Soon, he focused on network marketing, thus Talk Fusion was born and has continued developing new software and impressive marketing strategies ever since.


Bob Reina is not only a man that creates and designs for the success of others; his heart is also directed in avenues that change lives. A true philanthropist, the Humane Society has benefited greatly from this man who believes in giving back. Contributing to a variety of non-profit organizations, including an orphanage in Indonesia, he also permits his employees to give free Video Site software to charities in order to assist in their own selfless endeavors. Learn more:

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