The Remarkable Mind Of Michael Lacey

Since recent memory, Michael Thoreau Lacey has occupied a properly well-deserved position at the forefront of America’s intellectual vanguard. His focus lies within the far-reaching world of mathematics. In his field, Lacey is deeply renowned for his accomplishments. Despite this, he remains a quiet figure. Lacey is the opposite of exultant. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

It simply is not in Lacy’s nature to act arrogant or with pretense. In other words, Michael Lacey is a man of genuine integrity. He doesn’t advertise his accomplishments as a plea for academic celebrity, Lacey sincerely cares for his work, every shade and nuance of it.

Michael Lacey obtained a Ph.D. at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The year was 1987, and Lacey designed his thesis under the guidance of the celebrated Austrian mathematician, Walter Phillip, an enigmatic and beloved man who spent half of his time with math and the other half as a mountaineer.

Lacey’s thesis provided a solution to a problem related to a proposition concerning the law of the iterated logarithm in light of what is called characteristic function, an element of probability theory. This said probability theory he explored, existed within a vector or ‘Cauchy space’, referred in Lacey’s thesis as a Banach Space.

His intellectual hunger did not abate at U of I. While search of a focus, Michael Lacey found Harmonic analysis, an arm of mathematics reflective of Lacey’s penchant for subtleties. Harmonic analysis has a multitude of applications. In other words, it is a universe unto itself.

The study is about the particularities of the big picture, the nuances of an ambitious equation. His work alongside Walter Phillip continued at UNC Chapel Hill. Read more: Michael Lacey |Math Alliance and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

The duo provided evidence in support of CLT, a branch of probability theory that is almost certain to be exact. Later, Lacey studied the Hilbert transform, and has received both the National Science Postdoctoral and Guggenheim fellowships.

Ultimately, Michael Lacey is a figure to be admired, a man who ascended to the top of his field yet never stopped asking the hard questions.

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