Just The Beginning

The Federal Aviation Administration may not exactly be on-board with the evolving drone technology, but this will continue to gain traction and eventually planes and drones will have to happily coexist. Likely safety and security are front-and-center when it comes to this inevitability. That said, it seems very appropriate that a company, already deeply-rooted in security software, solutions and technology, should be leading the charge forward to start using drone technology at prisons. This might be the best marriage-of-mutual-interests ever because it gives an unprecedented testing ground for perfecting this technology.


Currently drones are being used to deliver contraband to prisons, so Securus is developing technology to detect drones to combat this growing issue threatening the non-stop efforts to keep prisons safe. Through this process, Securus will likely secure an enormous amount of information on both detecting and using drones. It seems that everything from drugs to guns is being delivered to prisons via drones.


Securus Technologies has been working with many companies to help them develop drone detection technology. As soon as Securus perfects detection, the sooner drones will become ubiquitous, buzzing above our heads, delivering everything we want, in a quick, efficient manner. Trials are necessary to figure out all the nuances with this technology, but as it is necessary to make our prisons safer, Securus keeps working on perfecting this technology. Eventually drones will likely have the ancillary benefit of protecting people from crimes most everywhere. Basically they can soon become like little, flying officers-of-the-law. Drone technology is a powerful new frontier.


Securus is not new to developing technology and they have gotten so good at what they do, recently they won three Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service. It is an accolade for any company to receive these top-honor awards for excellence in their niche. Securus, already a leading provider of technology-enabled solutions for governments, law enforcement, investigations, corrections and payment services, is able to efficiently handle their success by providing excellent customer service in their existing lines of business.


They will likely be very successful in developing drone detection, and then of course likely drone technology, so as to become a key player in this space that is only seeing it’s very beginning. This will likely become more and more of a well-known company in our country, and eventually start to take their place on the world’s stage. Drone technology is going to bring goods, medicine, food, services and so much more to people in outlying areas all over the world that we otherwise have no inexpensive way of reaching. Technology is likely going to cure a lot of our societal ills, from crime to famine, and Securus will likely lead the charge with their suite of well-developed technological solutions.


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