Todd Lubar’s Involvement In Real Estate Development

In real estate, there has been a revolution of how people search and share information on homes. One, in particular, is the introduction of Smart home technology, all thanks to the internet and digital technology. This technology is an extension of the Internet of Things (IoT) that allows homeowners monitor and control their smart devices in their homes through mobile devices such as smartphones. Some of the changes witnessed are thermostats and force-detecting floors that have the ability to sense quality issues. These changes improve the value and market of the homes, therefore, attracting buyers.

According to Patch, entrepreneurs willing to invest in real estate prefer smart homes because their demand is increasing in the market. They offer more opportunities that the investors cannot resist. Some of the advantages of the entrepreneurs are that they can easily monitor the occupants’ movements without being physically there. With just a click on their smartphones, their lives are made simpler. However, the technology also has its setbacks, especially with a large population. When the population is huge, insecurity issues are on the rise. Therefore, the smart home technology needs to improve.

Most American homes have advanced to the smart technology thanks to Amazon and Apple. Some development companies have also announced that their incoming home projects will be presented with a home technology package. So simple tasks such closing doors or switching lights will be done by just pressing a button.

With smart home technology, both seniors and millennial have a share, for instance, for an older person seeking to remain independent, he or she can look for a home that is fitted with health and safety boosting devices.

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur in real estate who has for the longest time predicted the rise of smart home technologies. Todd works for TDL Global Ventures, LLC as the President and has over twenty years’ experience in real estate, assisting people to find their perfect homes. According to Todd, as a business owner, one should build a culture of trust and honest communication regardless of the setbacks that come along.

As seen on his Facebook posts, Todd Lubar  is a family man that posts pictures of either him or his family. He attended Syracuse University and acquired a bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication and Rhetoric.

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The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Establishes Advocacy for Migrants and Immigrants

For migrants, they are more than just their status of being an immigrant. While many of the various politicians are discussing who has the right to cross the border, immigrants and migrants are still pondering whether they will be treated fairly within the work place, will it be okay to visit a local hospital or call 911 when an emergency occurs and who is going to be there for my kids if I end up being deported. The fact of the matter is, people of color, and any color at that, are being treated unfairly because of their skin color.

Earlier in the year, a variety of delegates met in the United Nations in Geneva to start what would be a long process in establishing a Global Compact for Migration. Read more: Jim | Twitter

The hope is that in 2018, the United Nations will come together to form an agreement that will cover all areas of international migration. These is especially important due to the contentious migration policies that are happening right now.

It was during this time of International Migrant Bill of Rights that delegates were reminded that many of these migrants already have rights due to treaties and international laws however it is not specific to migrants itself. However, these rights are still being broken or withheld in general. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

You should know that the word migrant is specific to the people who live outside of their own country where they were a citizen or national citizen. This claims that migrants who were born in or resided in a habitat outside of the United States is considered to be migrant.

This states that someone who is coming to work in the United States or to visit is a migrant where as someone who is looking to move permanently to the United States is considered to be an immigrant.

What most people do not understand is that people who are migrant are also entitled to having their civil rights. They are no less human due to being of another color or race. Once they cross the border into the United States, they are entitled to their civil rights whether they cross legally or illegally.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey knew this and has established a fund known as the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund which provides assistance for advocacy in the civil rights movements. It will allow for Freedom of Speech to be enforced as well as to help in the civic participation throughout various programs and advocacy programs throughout Arizona and other states.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin know about civil rights being violated first hand. They were unlawfully arrested in 2007 which led to a lawsuit against the County in which they were arrested alleging that their civil rights were violated. It was this suit that was won which provided 3.75 million dollars of assistance for those advocacy centers and programs.

Michael and Jim were arrested in their homes in the middle of the night and then taken to jail where they awaited a hearing with a judge. It was later ruled that these rights were violated and they were restored to their jobs as the co-founders of the Phoenix New Times as well as Village Voice Media.

Heiligenstein’s Efforts to Modernize Transport Systems through the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

The traffic congestion problem seems to be getting out of control in Texas, but according to the executive director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Mr. Heiligenstein, the issues need to be addressed by applying multiple resources. He concurred with the predictions of the Viewpoints editorial of Sept 3 rd that there will be an increase in traffic congestion in Texas. However, he was quick to point out that the community needed a technological solution to the matter.



Due to the exponential growth that the communities are experiences, there is an imperative to build mobility solutions, for instance the building of 183A Toll Road in Cedar Park and Leander, and the construction of the U.S. 290 toll road between Austin and Manor which are transforming the communities by doubling or tripling the traffic capacity the roads can contain. One advantage that the Regional Authority enjoys is that it is an agency that is accountable to the local people of Williamson and Travis who established it.



The greatest mission the Authority has is to introduce innovations like the institution of variable tolling that will apply advanced technology to manage the flow of traffic in the new MoPac Express Lanes. He was also quick to note that traffic congestion cannot be eliminated whatever the circumstances, but at least people in a hurry to get to events or job interviews will have a quicker commute. Traffic flow will be predictable because the rates for Variable tolling will synchronize demand and supply so that during rush hours, the Express Lanes will move on even if the other lanes are at a standstill.



He added that by baking technology solutions into all future projects, they would construct smart roads , for example on the 183 South projects, fiber lines will be embedded between the airport and US 290 in anticipation of the time when road infrastructure and the number of vehicles will speak the same language such as the automatic detection by a road that from the exit ramp a vehicle is moving in the wrong direction. Commuters will also have alternative routing provided by a mobile traffic app which will be integrated into the transportation system.



Heiligenstein who is the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority has had a long and distinguished career in the development of infrastructure. The Authority was created as an independent government agency in 2002. Its primary purpose is the improvement of systems of transport in Travis and Williamson Counties.


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How Jason Hope’s Internet of Things Will Change Lives

The Internet of Things sounds like something pull straight from a science fiction novel or movie. The truth is that the Internet of Things is real, very real, and it may be closer than you think to taking over our world. Okay, we worded that in a dramatic way but the truth is that the Internet of Things is a revolutionary breakthrough in technology and it looks like tech futurist Jason Hope is staking his reputation on its success. Hope is a renowned futurist who has done many great things in the tech field, his supporting of the Internet of Things could be among his greatest.

So, what is the Internet of Things? How does the Internet of Things work? The Internet of Things refers to the collection of technology that interfaces directly with the internet to change our day to day functions and how we live our lives. Consider all of the pieces of smart technology that have been making their way to market over the years. Look at your smart phone, your mobile gaming, your Fitbit, programmable kitchen appliances and even smart cars. These are all devices that we interact with on a daily basis which could prove absolutely to be the backbone of the Internet of Things.

Jason Hope has done his fair share of great things in the tech industry and among them is his work at the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve, as often as possible, in order to develop technology that fundamentally changes lives. You can for sure bet that Hope and the rest of the crew at the SENS Foundation will be paying close attention to the Internet of Things and how it grows going forward in the next couple of years.When put into a few words it can be hard to truly understand just how important the Internet of Things is going to be. Jason Hope calls it one of the most influential industries currently in development. The IoT could fundamentally save lives with how it addresses emergency response times, public transport, and more.

Madison Street Capital, Committed to Bettering the World

When it comes to financial investment services, no company beats the services of Madison Street Capital (MSC). Madison Street Capital is a financial investment firm that was started in 2005 in Chicago, Illinois, with the middle market consumers at the back of their mind. The company has helped a huge number of investors and businesses in different sectors of the economy make worthwhile investments and analysis of their business.


Ever since its formation in 2005, Madison Street Capital reputation has been built on the area of business mergers and acquisition, financial evaluation, and advisory services. With well-trained and qualified employees, MSC has made the daunting task of searching for business evaluators quite simple. The company has also established itself as a reliable service provider, thanks to the various financial products it offers.


Despite being established in the US, Madison Street Capital has extended its services to other countries due to the increasing demand for its services. In addition to the wide range of services being offered, MSC has always put efforts to better its services. The vast knowledge and good relationship the company has built with its clients has been the basis of most of the company’s product. Currently, Madison Capital has its offices in Africa, Asia, and North America.


With an excellent track record in financial investment, Madison Street Capital does not just stop at that. Arguably, MSC is one of the leading firms when it comes to charitable activities. At the center of its philanthropy is its community. Madison Street Capital has been at the forefront both in terms of financial donations and in-kind, thanks to the able support of its employees. One organization that has always been on the firm’s priority list of donations has been The United Ways.


The United Ways is an organization that seeks to provide emergency services and assistance with regards to disaster. Some of the emergency services provided by this organization include food, temporary shelter, and clothing. However, The United Ways help does not end here. The organization also extends long-term support such as health, education, and financial services to help rebuild the lives of the those affected by the disaster. With the same vision and goal, Madison Street Capital has been able to collaborate with the nonprofit organization thereby ensuring that its goal of reaching out and positively impacting the community is effectively achieved.

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Brad Reifler’s Journey To Success

Brad Reifler is a highly skilled investor and entrepreneur. Over his career, he has worked to create a highly valuable set of skills that he has used to create his success. These skills have not only allowed him to become successful they have made a name for himself in the business world.

According to PR Newswire, Braid Reifler’s career started to take off in the 1980’s when he established Reifler Trading Company. This company changed over the years, starting out as an account managing company and transitioning into institutional research, execution services, information dissemination and much more. His company grew into such a large company that it was eventually bought out by the largest futures company, Refco Inc.

His time at Reifler Trading Company has allowed him to sharpen his set of skills and experience in the industry he was in. While he has there he learned the necessary things to flourish in the financial services industry.

After he sold his company he took this knowledge and created Forefront Capital, LLC. Founded in 2009, Brad Reifler has worked over the past years to make Forefront Capital successful. Over the years, he has built the company up and turned it into the successful company he set out to create. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Cruncbase reveals that as of now, Brad Reifler has created products and services that have caught the attention of many people. Currently, his company helps and works with Fortune 500 board members, Nobel Prize winners, and other forces in business and politics. His company has taken off in the few years that it has been under his command and is currently Brad Reifler’s main focus in his career.

Brad Reifler has worked his whole life creating successful companies and making a name fo himself in the world of business. After years of developing the necessary skills to become a success, he founded companies that have made a positive impact in his career.

His success is something that he worked hard to accomplish and something that he continues to improve and expand.

Fabletics-Reshaping the Activewear Industry

Fabletics has grown to be a $250 million dollar company in just three years. It has been successful because of its subscription structure that sells clothing to its customers. The mixture of a great brand, convenience, and membership has proven to be a winning combination for Fabletics.


It used to be that brands with high value were defined by the quality and service of its goods, but this has changed over the last few years. Now customers want brand recognition, a good customer experience, and design and gamification. This is what the modern consumer sees as high-value.


Fabletics is not much unlike Apple and Warby Parker and their Fabletics plans to expand its physical stores to sixteen more in Florida, California, Illinois, and Hawaii.


Gregg Throgmartin, General Manager of Fabletics, believes that building a modern “high-value” brand from day one is the secret of success for Fabletics. The membership model of Fabletics allows the company to give personalized service and trendy fashion at a fraction of the cost that competitors are charging. He believe it’s easier to satisfy the customer when your know what they want.


Fabletics encourages reverse showrooming and has avoided the pop-up store strategy. Instead, Fabletics has built relationships and gotten to know the local markets through various events and activities. This has resulted in 30-50% of customers that walk in the doors of their physical stores to be members and 25% percent become members in-store.


Kate Hudson has used a few strategies in order to grow Fabletics successfully. First off, it has proven useful to identify marketing opportunities. Hudson has captured a market space that competitors have overlooked. Hudson has also stayed very hands-on, looking at the sales numbers for each week and keeping an eye on what sells and what doesn’t.


She also relies on data in order to make decisions. When new members sign up to become members of Fabletics, they have to take a quick lifestyle Quiz. The data collected form the quiz helps to create products that the customer will want and buy and it helps Fabletics to hear what the customers are saying.


Hudson draws inspiration form her mother, Goldie Hawn, and is a member of the Hawn Foundation, which helps to teach kids mindfulness. She also feels it is important to not only believe in yourself, but to also take risks. Hudson believes it is important to live your passion.

George Street Chicago and Miami

George Street Photo and Video has numerous locations across the United States to serve your wedding photography needs. They understand that your wedding day is likely one of the greatest moments of your life and we want to be a part of it, no matter where you are.

George Street has 3 locations in the great American city of Chicago, Illinois! Chicago is a great city with numerous shoot locations that can capture your wedding photography in an iconic way. From the Magnificent Mile to Lake Michigan to Wrigley Field and the Chicago River, this city offers many great places for your shoot.

For those who desire a more vibrant and tropic location, Miami is another great location to shoot weddings and George Street has locations there as well. Miami Beach, South Pointe Park, Star Island; Miami has great visuals for wedding photos. If you prefer a night shoot then Miami’s nightlife is perfect for you.


Doe Deere And Lime Crime Tossing Out The Makeup Playing Rules

If you know Doe Deere’s story and how she carefully built her cosmetics empire, you would be quite impressed. Lime Crime has challenged the giant makeup industry and the huge companies involved, showing that a small idea can bear fruit and create an orchard.


Doe Deere spoke with GuestOfAGuest about her entrepreneurial spirit and never die attitude.


Doe Deere is Russian-born and spent happy years there, developing her businesslike approach to life. At age 13, the popular teen was selling temporary tattoos to her fellow classmates. She loved fashion, hair and makeup and pretty vibrant colors.


After moving to New York City in her late teens, Doe Deere joined a band and met her future husband Mark there. She also used her creative edge in fashion and makeup ventures.


Doe Deere came up with the idea to launch her own cosmetics brand in 2008. The timing was brilliant, and there was a niche for bold makeup. She jumped in fearlessly and hoped for the best.


Lime Crime was the brand, and frankly, the name has stuck. In addition, Lime Crime is a most “Google-able” name, so the unusual moniker is a good thing for business.


Doe Deere is internet savvy and has been extremely successful at building her brand on e-commerce, which isn’t easy. Online stores come and go, and many burn out; Lime Crime continues to soar, thanks to great makeup and social media attention.


Lime Crime is unique because the competition ignored the bold makeup arena, sticking to its old, worn-out rules for palette colors and makeup standards. Doe Deere’s strange lipstick shades and eye shadow colors are hauntingly beautiful, one of a kind. Glitter, glam and iridescence are common in her fantasy, freeing cosmetics.


Doe Deere’s Lime Crime mission is clear and simple. She wants young women and men, too, to enjoy the freedom and self-empowerment her bold makeup delivers. Wearing a stunning peacock-colored blue lipstick is a personal choice, for example and one that should be worn without apologies.


Lime Crime is modern cosmetics with a sharp edge. Doe Deere has helped bring down those tired cosmetics traditions of boring beige palettes, where red is the rare bold shade allowed under certain circumstances. Lime Crime makeup is loud and proud and worn anytime.


Today, Lime Crime is an independent makeup company based in Los Angeles. Doe Deere has been recognized as a top entrepreneur.

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Copa Star; A Hospital with Five-Star Services

There are many hospitals in Rio de Janeiro, but there is none that stands out quite like Copa Star. This hospital is owned by D’Or Sao Luiz Network. The network is known for specializing in providing luxurious healthcare services. However, Copa Star is the epitome of it.

One can say that the hospital construction is good value for money. The construction of the 7storey building, which seats on 20,000 sq. meters cost the network a whopping R$400 million. The money went towards the erection of one of the most elegant buildings in the area. In fact, the building is so beautiful that you would think of ticking it as the perfect accommodation when you are in Copacabana Beach. I applaud the constructors for having paid keen attention to every detail. Other than just designing another beautiful building, they decided to make it energy efficient. The Penetron Technology used helps the building to conserve approximately 50% energy.


If you came to Copa Star, you wouldn’t tell the difference between the hospital and a five-star hotel, both in terms of the décor and services. The D’Or network contracted Toyota, an award-winning artist; to do all the art that you will find extravagantly portrayed in all areas of the hospital- from the hallways to the private suit patios.

When you check in to the hospital, as a patient, you are allocated to a private suite. The suite has a private balcony to give you a perfect view of the Copacabana beach. Other than that, the patios are fully furnished with high-end sofas. Together with your guests, you can relax here and connect. Also, you are free to have a guest sleep in your suite. Besides, it is a private suite, not an ordinary hospital room. And you have everything to make your stay as private as possible. The hospital will provide you with an iPad to use when you need to see a doctor. You can hold live video appointments with your doctors. This prevents the inconvenience of leaving your room to get a doctor.

The private systems are built in such a way that you can control the environment. You can control the drapes, lights and even the position of your bed. If this is not luxury in a hospital, I don’t know what is.

The type of luxury that Copa Star accords to patients, admitted to the private suits, extended to patients in the ICU. The 49 Intensive Care Rooms are equipped with screens that bring a live feed of the activities in the streets and the Copacabana beach. This way, the patients don’t have to feel secluded. Not being lonely helps the patients to have a speedy recovery. View the design at