Lifeline Screening Helping In Detecting A Condition Before It’s Too Late

Most people will wait until they develop severe symptoms before they see a doctor. If you ask them why they wait until the last minute, some of them will casually say that they wanted to save money or didn’t think it was something serious. Consequently, the diseases transpire to something serious, and they are left in inconsolable states, exposed to uncertainty, and end up spending a lot of money. What most people don’t know is that even the most severe diseases can be cured at their early stages.

How can you detect a condition at an early stage? Well, it’s done through preventive health screening, a technology that detects risky health problems often with no symptoms. Where can you get exceptional screening services? Well, look no further, Life Line Screening is here for you. Life Line Screening is a leading screening facility that offers direct-to-customer and community-based preventive health screenings. Why them?

Prowess and Technology

They have sophisticated screening technology that will identify most risks such as stroke, carotid artery disease, and more. The results are inspected by physicians who are highly trained and are board certified. They will ensure the results are simple and detailed for your doctor to understand your overall health condition. Additionally, the physicians also offer lifestyle advice on the changes you are supposed to make before severe health problems occur.

E-newsletter and follow up
To them, you are more than a patient; their physicians will follow up to know about your progress in case you were diagnosed with a condition. They also have Life Line Screening Health E-Newsletter that chiefly focuses on your individual wellness efforts. The newsletters are informative and contain in-depth details on how you can change your lifestyle to control your condition better.

Helps you educate your employees
They have corporate wellness programs that are aimed at helping companies maintain a healthy workforce. They will educate the employees on the importance of screening, engage them, and empower them.

George Soros Inspires Democratic Donor’s To Give More

The Democrat’s may have suffered a major loss in the shock victory of Donald Trump during the 2016 U.S. Presidential election campaign, but the party can take solace in the fact the major political donor George Soros has made a return to major political giving that marks a comeback not seen since 2004. George Soros seems to always be named as the major donor to Democrat and liberal causes, but he is now as much of an inspiration for other donors as he is a major financial donor, Politico reports; during the 2016 election campaign Soros provided around $25 million in funding for the Hillary Clinton camp, that was surpassed by the $31 million given to the campaign by San Francisco based billionaire Tom Steyer who viewed the arrival of Soros as a reason why he should provide major funding for the campaign.

George Soros has taken a major step forward in advancing the rights of women with his backing of the campaign of Hillary Clinton, which follows on from his consistent backing of equality based groups who are backed by his Open Society Foundations network of charitable groups that act as an umbrella for the many charitable concerns of the Hungarian born hedge fund legend. Forbes reports the advancement of women’s rights groups has been reflected in the work of George Soros who became one of the leading backers of women’s rights and equal pay advocates when he appointed Dawn McKenzie to the role of Chief Investment Officer at Soros Fund Management. In terms of the campaign of Hillary Clinton for President, George Soros has always known of the political abilities and ambitions of the former Secretary of State and has backed them at various times in her career. In the buildup to the 2016 election campaign George Soros has been reported by Politico to have spent a large amount of time discussing policy and the aims for the future of Clinton and has gone so far as to admit to aides he believes he made a major mistake in not backing Clinton in 2008 over eventual President Barrack Obama. Know more about George Soros on Investopedia.

During 2016, George Soros donated around $13 million directly to the campaign of Hillary Clinton the confidence the Holocaust survivor has in the former First Lady has been shown; understanding the political situation across the planet has allowed Soros to make informed judgments over where he invests his political donations, including the use of Super PAC’s to back the candidate of his choice. Soros gave around $7 million to the Priorities USA Super PAC and a further $5 million to other Super PAC’s that have provided support to the Clinton campaign across the course of the 2016 election cycle.

Jeremy Goldstein – Partner and Self-Employed

Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at a boutique firm that is very dedicated to helping to advise different compensation committees, management teams, CEOs and also corporations. They help with advising different executive compensations as well as corporate governance matters. In particular, when issues come up that are in the context of different transformative corporate events as well as situations that tend to be sensitive. The name of the firm is Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. Mr. Goldstein didn’t always work as his own firm. Before Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates was founded, he was a partner at another firm that is known as Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, & Katz.


In the past decade, Jeremy Goldstein has been very involved in numerous large corporate transactions. Some of these include the acquisition of Goodrich by United Technologies, Duke Energy vs. Progress Energy, Sanofi-Aventis vs. Genzyme, Verizon Wireless vs. ALLTEL Corporation and many more.


Jeremy Goldstein is also a member of the chair of the Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee. This subcommittee is for the Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association Business Section. With this committee, Mr. Goldstein frequently will write as well as speak on executive compensation issues as well as on corporate governance. Mr. Goldstein is also listed as one of the leading executive compensation lawyers. In addition to these roles, Mr. Goldstein is also a member of the Professional Advisory Board for the NYU Journal of Law and Business.


Jeremy Goldstein received his J.D. Law Degree from the New York University School of Law. He also has an M.S. degree that was received from the University of Chicago. His Bachelor’s of Arts cum laude that also has a distinction in all subjects was received from Cornell University. Mr. Goldstein’s education background greatly shows through in his career as well as his life.

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Richard Blair Takes the Financial Planning to Another Level

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has managed to get a lot of customers to look at the process of building a portfolio is a much different way than they did before. He has managed to gain certifications as a Certified Annuity Specialist and a Certified Estate and Trust Specialist. These are areas of expertise that have helped him build give clients the access to whole new way of managing their portfolio.


The Wealth Solutions Learning Center gives people a chance to become active in managing their wealth. This is something that Richard Blair believes that all customers should take interest in. Blair has a degree in finance that he received from the University of Houston, and he has continued to work in Texas has he helps people preserve their wealth.


Richard Blair spends his time from the office with his wife and his family, and he wants other people to have the joy of spending time with their family without having to worry about their finances. He thinks that the financial industry has a lot of areas where people could maximize their wealth, but it takes someone with the experience to point their areas out. Richard Blair has two decades of experience, and he has made sure that people are constructing better retirement plans.


It is wise for investors to have someone that knows about the different types of financial investment options that are available. A person that is trying to save on their own may not have the discipline or the knowledge to invest wisely in the beginning. They may not know all of the ins and outs that come with building a solid portfolio.


Richard Blair uses his knowledge to bridge the gap between investors and investment options. He serves as a resourceful consultant that has managed to help people look at maximizing their returns with diversification. Everyone may not know about stocks, but they do not have to base all of their Investments on stocks. What Richard does is give people the ability to place some money in one place while they put money in other places that may be more moderate. There are lot of investors that may be hyped up about investing in stocks because they see hot stocks like Amazon and Apple that are bringing for lots of profits. Stocks are risky and no investors should place all of their money into stocks alone.

Sawyer Howitt, Young Entrepreneur

One of the marks of those who have the entreprenuerial spark is that time and again they always start early. Sawyer Howitt, who is currently a high school senior at Lincoln High School in Portland High School. Because of his amazing accomplishments, Howitt has already been accepted into the Ivy League Columbia University to work on a B.A. in Entrepreneurial Finance.

To start with, Howitt understands that entrepreneurs must stay busy. That is why he has been involved in a number of charitable endeavors while in high school including activities for increased college funding for minorities and an awareness of the need for women’s rights.

Besides a large amount of administrative internships, Howitt also worked at Kure Juice Bars. During his time with that business, he gained valuable experience about customer service. After that, he worked at RFID Checkout as a business strategy analyst.

Finally, he recently landed a position with the Meriwether Group, working alongside his father David Howitt. Even at his young age he has already become an asset for the Meriwether Group by his intense focus on business administration throughout all sectors. Source:

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Of course, the fact that Sawyer Howitt has followed in his father’s footsteps is often the mark of an entrepreneur as well. David has no doubt taught this young man the value of hard work and the future for Sawyer is looking very bright indeed.

Read Sawyer Howitt’s blog for the latest information.

End Citizens United Ends Corruption

One of the most prominent movements of our era is End Citizens United campaign. In an effort to bring corruption to a halt in Washington, End Citizens United is set out to mobilize and rock our nation to its foundation. In essence, End Citizens United believes the money of billionaires has been dictating those who will hold public office. If true, this means our decree, “we the people” is no longer. Ever since its conception, End Citizens United has been engaging communities with the news of the ruling.


Unlike many of its predecessors, End Citizens United has been relatively aggressive in going after their cause. Instead og going door to door, they used a less time consuming and more modern strategy. In fact, the creators of End Citizens United began in politics by raising money for the Democratic Party. As a result, their fundraising efforts brought in an unprecedented volume of fundraisers. In terms of fundraising, this is how they also approached the End Citizens United movement.


Their fundraising strategy included utilizing the the powers of the internet, such as email messaging. Their aggressive push involved sending multiple emails daily, requesting donations. In these emails, End Citizens United spoke about the ills associated with the passage of new campaign laws. As you may have guessed, their strategies paid off. The email strategy compelled donors to send in an estimated $11 million dollars combined to fight for the cause.


The creators of the movement believed they needed to create a PAC, in order for the Democratic Party’s plan of action to be accepted. In spite of their success, End Citizens United has been working tirelessly around the clock disproving their critics. As they grew in numbers, they were spreading the news from every corner. End Citizens United believes the supreme court ruling was a corrosive action to the public. Also, they believed the billionaires were divesting from American people and violating our constitutional rights. With that being said, there people who were confused and upset of at how the supreme court managed to rule in favor of campaign laws.


What separates End Citizens United from other movements, is their unorthodox and grassroots approach. Day in and day out, End Citizens United was on the front-line trying to overturn a supreme court ruling that put billionaires in control of our constitutional rights. Not only did they believe it was unjust, they believed it was unfair. Whether or not in favor of End Citizens United, it is important to applaud their freedom of assembly and the right to protest. It is what makes America the land it is today. It is what make America a democratic republic instead of a communist state.

Todd Lubar is Providing Relief to Drive the Affordable Home Loans Sector

Todd Lubar is a top rated mortgage banker and entrepreneur currently serving as the President and CEO of TDL Global Ventures. He also serves as the Vice President of Legendary Ventures.

After graduating from Syracuse University, Todd worked for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He analyzed regular mortgage banking trends and established crucial business networks. In 1999, he worked for Legacy Financial Group, a mortgage lender based in Arlington, Texas. He enabled Legacy Financial to achieve rapid growth hitting new highs of over $100 million annually in their mortgage loans portfolio.

In 2002, Todd established a residential property development firm, Legendary Properties, specializing in affordable homes for borrowers with less than perfect credit scores through the financing subsidiary Legendary Financial. He has an in-depth understanding of the mortgage industry and can evaluate risk and offer innovative lending solutions. His strategy involved identifying inexpensive properties, restoring and rehabilitating them and then selling them off for a margin.

In 2005, Todd was associated with Charter Funding, a company under the First Magnus Financial Corporation, a top rated mortgage lender. He was able to leverage First Magnus’ extensive business networks and resource base to achieve success, more info can be found on

During the financial crisis of 2008, the mortgage and homes market was one of the hardest hit sectors in the industry. Todd was able to ride it out by defaulting back to his original career, mortgage finance, working for Priority Financial Services.

Todd Lubar’s success in mortgage financing saw him make the list of top 25 mortgage bankers of all time in the US. In the mortgage banking industry, the experience is key. According to patch, Todd has over twenty years’ experience helping buyers become homeowners. He thrives in order, timely information and top notch research to keep abreast of trends in the property and mortgage banking industry. He surrounds himself with networks of resourceful and trustworthy people who challenge and influence growth.

Besides mortgage banking, Todd Lubar diversified his interests as an enterprising person to include interests in commercial demolition, property development, night club management and scrap metal recycling. He is passionate about using technology to achieve a better quality of life. In particular, he is interested in the Internet of Things and smart home technologies such as smart thermostats.

He envisions a Google-type online search platform where people looking for properties can conveniently get up-to-date information to help them make decisions. Todd Lubar is a family man who loves spending time with family and adventure travel.

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Chaz Dean Is Never Short On Passion

When someone has had the kind of success that Chaz Dean has had, it would be easy for him to kick him up his feet and relax. He could think he has it made in the shade and there is no need to go any further or do anything else. That is now how the mind of Chaz Dean works, however. He sees this as a challenge: How can I get better? How can I improve the product? What kind of changes can I make? They often say that someone is either moving forward, stuck in neutral, or they are going backwards. In the case of Chaz Dean, he is always moving forward.

His latest advancement in moving forward is Wen by Chaz and many YouTube posted testimonials say it is his best, although with Chaz Dean, it is hard to say what can be up his sleeve next. He has created a product that is making life a whole lot easier for the customer. It comes with shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment all in one bottle. Usually, people have to buy three bottles and spend a fortune to get that kind of product. With WEN, it is all in one bottle for one low price.

That is the thing about Chaz Dean: he likes to make sure people can afford his products and get the most bang for their buck. It is money well spent. That is agreed upon by Emily McClure of, where she wrote a tremendous review that is worth reading for hardcore hair care fanatics out there: She is one of them, and she is also an expert, which really makes her opinion matter. She walked away very impressed with the product, and it worked wonders on her fine hair after only seven days and she posted pictures to prove the results.

WEN products are available on Sephora. To order Wen online, simply visit their website at or the Chaz Dean store;

Brad Reifler; One Of The Best Financial Advisor In The Industry.

Brad Reifler has been involved with the investment industry for more than thirty years. He has established a name for himself in the industry as one of the most successful entrepreneurs all thanks to his bright mind, determination and hard work.

Every since he was young, Brad always wanted to involve himself in the investment and business world, and this is why he was not afraid to start his own firm at a tender age. His achievements have been numerous as he has held leadership positions in various organizations such as Pali Capital, Brad Reifler Trading Company, and Forefront Capital Management.

Under his leadership, companies have prospered, and people gain the motivation and inspiration they desire. He has proven that indeed his mind is not only creative but also intuitive when it comes to matters dealing with finance. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

He has bewildered many experts with how he can study the past, the present and the future trends all together to establish winning strategies. This is one of the secrets that has enabled Brad Reifler to be in the investment industry for so long.

Working at Pali Capital can be described as a breakthrough for Brad as this is where his success story began. His ability to produce incredible strategies is what enabled Brad Reifler to produce amazing results while working with Pali Capital.

According to Market Wired, Brad Reifler worked with the firm for more than ten years acting as the company’s CEO where he spent half of his time analyzing the business’s data. The company had accumulated a lot of commission income by the time Brad decided it was time to leave Pali Capital.

Crunchbase has it that this is actually what made people across the globe notice Brad Reifler and what he could do. He took his experience and expertise and joined Forefront Capital Management where he currently works as the firm’s CEO.

He continues employing his strategies while still keeping in touch with some of the leading financial minds across the globe. Regardless of how successful a company is or how successful and economist is, Brad continues to work with everyone with the aim of shaping up the economic policies.

With what he has been able to achieve over the years, it is not difficult for Brad to win everyone’s trust and confidence.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Shows Why Details Matter

They say that the devil is in the details, but Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has kicked the devil out the door. Nationwide thrives on handling the details and that is why they are one of the leading wholesale document processing companies in the industry.


Formed in 1991, Nationwide is one of the largest and most proficient companies of its kind which is a far cry from its original state in 1991 when it started as a small, local company. Today, Nationwide is the largest lien release and assignments provider in the world. How it got that way is a very interesting story.


Lots of credit goes to the management of the company, led by CEO John Hillman who said recently in an industry-wide podcast that it is the hard-working and well-trained employees who carry the load. He stated that the corporate culture at Nationwide is very forgiving when the stress of the mortgage business hits because there is an extensive backup system that supports difficult issues at work.


The standards are set very high, but everyone is in on it, and rewards are mixed in with the high expectations and their achievement. For example, Nationwide has a .78% failure rate and a 99.98% compliance ratio. This means that almost 100% of the documents searched for are found, and when found, nearly 100% of them are accurate. These are astounding statistics given the volume of documents that are processed.


New employees go through three weeks of intensive training upon hire and then are closely supervised when they through with their training until they are extremely proficient. There are also 150 modules of advanced training available for the employees use for additional knowledge. These point in varying directions for advancement.


Chelsea Seguin, Assistant Vice-President of File Services pointed out recently that the company’s scoring process trailing documents processes helps the company to keep track of how they are doing with their overall document history. By keeping track of this, they avoid having to deal with the regulators because what regulators usually look for has already been successfully completed.


Nationwide is highly regarded by customers because of its ability to be consistent and accurate in the documents that are delivered. If you have ever been involved in a property closing you are aware of the necessary documents that are needed such as a clear title, release of any liens and other documents. Without these documents, chaos would be the result and Nationwide make sure that this does not happen.


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