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Staring a new venture without proper education or training is not a good idea. VTA Publications is committed to providing people with expertly created courses and books on how to make money and become highly successful in their endeavor.

It’s extremely important that you are knowledgeable about how the stock market or industry is doing prior to getting involved. Invest some time in research and checking out courses and books created by experts in the field.

The number of programs, advisors, courses and tutorials out there that promise to teach beginners how to start a business or trade stocks and achieve financial success are numerous. Some courses and books on YouTube only cover the basics while others cover from beginner level to advanced strategies and tactics that can be used to produce successful trades and huge profits.

One of the most reliable stock trading professionals is Jim Hunt. Jim has been trading for years and has complete mastery of the process. VTA Publications’ training programs and tutorials have helped countless individuals attain tremendous success in the field. Jim’s course, Wealth Wave, is one of the popular, newbie-friendly courses out there.

When you start on your way to financial freedom, you need to believe that you can reach your goal. Thinking positive, and working relentlessly, will certainly help you get there. Don’t allow fear or self-doubt. Think positive thoughts of success as you proceed toward your goal. One thing that can help, is to get away from pessimists. Spend time in positive, inspiring environments.

If you want to learn more about Jim Hunt and his helpful guides, check out VTA Publication is a reputable firm has been a great source of quality education and training programs for those who want to gain mastery of the business and investing arenas.

By having access to a proven guidebook, course or tutorial that gives you step-by-step instructions, you’ll have a greater chance of trading successfully. You’ll find it easier to succeed if you have learn from a reliable professional like Jim Hunt at

How OSI Group Maintains Its Standing As One of America’s Top 100 Food Companies Year After Year

Year after year OSI Group continues to maintain its status as one of America’s top 100 food companies. That is no small feat. With annual revenues topping six billion in sales according to Forbes magazine, this privately owned organization continues to grow and expand its services within the food industry sector.

OSI produces and distributes meat and vegetable products to restaurants and businesses. It is how they do it that continues making them one of the leaders within their industry.

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Some of the factors that contribute to this are transparent business practices. There is an ever growing demand from clients who demand to know how their product is handled, and what measures are conducted to ensure quality control. OSI Group demonstrates this by implementing rigorous inspections at every step of the process. Third party entities are hired to run annual quality control checks to ensure these standards are exceeded. Reports are periodically released and made public.

Proper employee screening and training ensure correct animal husbandry and food handling practices are followed. This translates into efficient manufacturing practices that yield high-quality food products. Frequent inspections ensure only the best ingredients are used.

In addition to maintaining rigorous standards, OSI group incorporates the latest findings in food research in conjunction with technological innovations. This combination continues to streamline the manufacturing process guaranteeing clients fresher, tastier food products.

Hard work and dedication are qualities which define this company. OSI Group is not satisfied with mediocracy. Transparent business practices, stringent quality control practices, and stellar customer service are all characteristics that continue to make OSI Group one of the top 100 food companies in the United States.

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PodcastOne’s Success with Norman Pattiz

PodcastOne is an advertiser-supported podcast network that has continued to be in the limelight, especially after its founder, Norman Pattiz, introduced the new show titled ‘Beyond the Darkness’. The show will air through the WWE star Chris Jericho’s Podcast network. This show will feature well-informed researchers, and will give you a platform to challenge everything you know about ghosts, angels, aliens, monsters, spirits as well as miracles. This show leaves with a broad view of these paranormal issues that the society believes in.


Norman had this excellent idea of audio broadcasting on the Internet in 2013 after he stopped working at WestwoodOne. He joined Kit Gray who was already representing other people’s podcasts from his apartment, and Pattiz saw it as a platform to take it digitally. Gray and Norman combined great ideas to establish the successful PodcastOne. Now, one can subscribe to podcast the same way they subscribe to blogs, and there are handsome benefits of being a premium subscriber. You will find some of the big names that are always on demand like Don Patrick and Steve Austin.


Norman before PodcastOne

Pattiz is an experienced man in the broadcast industry with over 20 years of experience. He is the founder of WestwoodOne, one of the most successful and largest radio networks and providers of news, sports and entertainment in America. NBC broadcast networks, CBS News, CNN Radio, NFL Football, and NCAA Basketball are some of the networks that this successful business managed and distributed. Due to his valuable experience in broadcasting, Pattiz was appointed by former presidents Clinton and Bush to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. He conceived and launched America’s Arabic radio and television while serving on this board. This launch enabled America to reach most of the Middle East countries, serving about 40 million people weekly.


Pattiz Away from Work

Norman Pattiz has been married for about 30 years, and among the people he considered to be mentors, the people he acquired immense knowledge and wisdom, is his first employer in media sales, Dan Miller, Steve Ross and Bill Paley. Pattiz believes in waking up early in the morning, remaining active and motivated throughout the day and being the last to go to bed in the evening. This depicts him as a hardworking man who doesn’t rest until he achieves his desired success. He continues to be a standout figure in the broadcasting world.


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An In-Depth Profile of Sam Tabar and the FullCycle Energy Fund

FullCycle Fund Company was founded in 2013 by Ibrahim AlHusseini, who is the Managing Partner. It was started to fund and own projects that develop a human relationship with waste.

To achieve this, it recycles valuable fuel to power the world’s communities. The company’s mission is to capitalize in polluting fuels derived from the municipal solid waste and convert them to environmentally friendly fuels.

It provides capital for purchasing or construction of profitable power generation machines that meet financial, technical and operating procedures.

The equipment converts traditional fuel to Municipal Solid Waste based on the synthesis of gas. FullCycle has also been able to establish its technology worldwide to minimize the costs of operating machines and emission of carbon. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

The firm works in partnership with Synova Company that is responsible for the identification and implementation of projects. Through their patented OLGA design, both companies have executed gasification in their model. Furthermore, they have converted available waste to energy technology.

Sam Tabar’s Background

According to Bloomberg, apart from being an entrepreneur, Sam Tabar is an outstanding finance strategist. He is the Chief Operating Officer of FullCycle Energy Fund. Also, he is also assigned to control the company’s funds. He has managed budget strategies for many financial institutions.

More importantly, he worked as a Capital Strategy Manager in Merrill Lynch and provided introductions to institutional investors for fund managers. He also consulted on operations, which helped in building office teamwork.

Before joining the Bank of America, he served as Deputy Manager of Marketing for Sparx Group (PMA), the largest independent Fund in Asia Pacific. He managed all aspects of a universal marketing strategy.

In addition to this, he is one of the earliest investors in the feminine hygiene industry, which empowers women worldwide. Moreover, he is a master’s degree holder of law from Columbia Law School and Bachelor of Arts from Oxford University.

The FullCycle Company believes that having Sam Tabar as its COO will help them achieve their goals. Through his broad experience and strategies, he has been able to meet the company’s goal.

With the risks of drawing power machines from polluting traditional fuels, Sam Tabar, and the company are determined to enhance the efficiency of the firm.

Beverly Hills Auto Group Will Impress You

If you think owning a BMW of your own is totally out of the budget, then think again. Beverly Hills Auto Group can get you into the BMW of your dreams. They can get you pre-approved in just three simple steps and trade-ins are always welcome at Beverly Hills Auto Group. Buying a used BMW has its advantages-you won’t lose a lot of value due to rapid depreciation and you can get a BMW with all of the bells and whistles without a hefty price tag. Beverly Hills Auto Group,  is very confident in their vehicles and you can even bring your own mechanic to look things over before you commit to buy anything.

Beverly Hills Auto Group is dedicated to their customers and committed to the complete satisfaction of their customers. They don’t use pushy sales tactics and will help you get into the car that you absolutely love.

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Stores That Offer Fashion Competing With Fabletics

Throughout the recent years, people have been getting their clothes from retailers. Fortunately, there are a ton of retailers that are offering fashion. Some of the most successful retailers have managed to adapt throughout the years. Among these retailers for fashion are Macy’s, JCPenny, Nordstrom, and plenty of others. They have managed to bring forth something that people love. However, there is a newcomer that is taking everything to the next level. This newcomer is Fabletics. This store offers what other stores don’t. They offer people athleisure clothing that is meant to attract the individual.


One of the aspects of Fabletics that make it stand out from the other retailer companies is that instead of telling the individual how she should look, it actually encourages her to explore her own look. This actually makes shopping fun for her. While she can dress to impress her friends and other people, the best thing she could do is impress herself with the ability to put together some of the most stylish outfits. She will learn what she looks the best in. At the same time, she will notice that the outfits that she like are also liked by others. This increases her confidence in her style.


Fabletics is made with the confidence in the ability for the individual to put together an outfit. While someone else could give the person an example of the type of outfit that she would look good in, she is the one who dresses herself. Therefore, she should take the time to come up with some good styles that she likes. It is said that a good relationship with oneself is very important for reaching one’s own goals of life fulfillment. Being dressed in ways that one enjoys is one of the best ways to improve the relationship with oneself.


Fabletics is all about self expression. This is the age where people are encouraged to express themselves in the way they want. People are allowed to explore themselves in order to find something that will bring them the greater sense of self worth as well as the admiration for their ability to present themselves the way they want to.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Adam Milstein’s Path to Success

A native of Israel, Adam Milstein has made a tremendous impact in the United States as a community leader, real estate investor an a philanthropist.

This USC graduate has made a major name for himself in real estate and currently the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, a commercial real estate investment company. Adam Milstein’s work has had a tremendous impact on both Jewish and American communities.

Adam Milstein National Chairman and co founder of the Israeli-American Council. Along with this title he has held or currently holds a number of important positions including sitting on the board of the Jewish Funders Network, AIPAC National Council and StandWithUs. Along with his work as a businessman, he also has become known for his philanthropy. Learn more about more Adam Milstein:

Together with his wife he created Sifriyat Pijama B’America. This organization gives back to the Jewish community. Each month they send out free books to Jewish-American families. These books share Jewish values with each family. Thousands of families are impacted by these books each month. Learn more about more Adam Milstein:

During a recent interview, Milstein shared some insight into his career and success. Milstein mentioned that he started his group Hager Pacific Properties as a result of being unsatisfied after graduation.

The opportunities that were available just were not very appealing to Adam Milstein. He decided to go out his own, and start working as an commercial broker. From there he would venture on to become an investor in real estate.

When reflecting on his career, Adam Milstein seems to have a clear understanding of how he accomplished what he did. He says that he has no regrets about any decision he has made over the years. He believes in consistency, and persistency.

These values have helped him over the years. He is a hard worker that does not set very specific goals, allowing him flexibility. His work is admired by many. Entrepreneurs everywhere can learn from his road to success.

Reasons Why Jason Hope from Scottsdale Is A Great Philanthropist

Philanthropy in its truest form is a concept that has been around as long as man had something of value to give his neighbor. The fact that have and have nots coexist together creates a dynamic relationship that continually changes the course of history. Jason hope, a famous philanthropist earned his place amongst the greatest charity gives and readers will find out why in a moment.

SENS Foundation Donation
Besides being passionate about technology, Jason Hope is also an enthusiastic philanthropist for rejuvenation biotechnologies. He wants to change the world by reducing the negative effects of aging. A noble idea indeed and he showed the world he meant business by pledging a half million dollars to the SENS Foundation. A hefty sum of money that will lead to discoveries that offer cures to age related illnesses. There is charity and then there is changing the scope of youth vs age for every man, woman and child on Earth. Jason is obviously a big thinker and a man of action.

Wealth Distribution
Unfortunately, nearly 1/2 of the world’s population lives on less than $2.50 a day. 22,000 children die each day due to poverty and 805 million do not have enough food to eat. On the contrary, the wealthiest 50 people in the world control a huge portion of the world economy. The world’s wealthiest countries have just 13% of the world’s population, but 45% have its purchasing power. Economic inequality is one of the main reasons why people like Jason Hope become philanthropist. He simply cannot stand to live in a world where huge disparities in the distribution of wealth are neglected. He believes that the wealth distribution should be managed in a way that creates a harmonious relationship worldwide.

One problem would be philanthropist suffer from is a lack of knowledge. They are obviously fully aware of business strategies, but need direction. Jason being actively engaged in charity with the SEN Foundation has acquired much useful knowledge and experience in philanthropy that many others lack. Woking together with SENS Foundation CEO Mike Kope he is allowing the organization to leverage a sum of money that would elevate their research to a higher level.

Of course each philanthropist gives charity in their own way, few demonstrate as much fitness, publicity and wisdom as Jason. The path toward becoming philanthropic can be a tough one without experience. Those looking for answers to make their paths easier may want to consult with Jason Hope.

MB2 Dental for a Beautiful Site

If you run a busy dental office, you know how difficult it can be to keep up with the website that you have on the internet. Unfortunately, keeping your website up-to-date is incredibly important because this is one of the most influential outlets you will have in terms of getting new patients. If your website is not kept up-to-date or professional-looking, this can hinder the amount of individuals who would otherwise be visiting your website on a regular basis. This is when it might be a good decision for you to hire a company known as MB2 Dental. This company is a great firm to utilize when creating a brand new dental website or simply maintaining the one that you already have.


What MB2 Dental can do for you is create a website that is specifically made for your dental office. This prevents you from taking the time out of your busy schedule to do all of the work yourself. These are also professionals when it comes to getting the work done, so you can feel confident that your website is going to be as professional-looking as possible. They will work alongside you to come up with a design that you will truly enjoy and love, and one that truly complements the type of practice that you are running.


When working with MB2 Dental, they will easily work with you on a budget that you can afford. It does not cost a fortune in order to hire the professionals to design the dental website for you, so this should not be an issue for you if you have been foregoing this project because of the price involved. Just talk to the professionals about the budget you are able to afford, and they will easily be able to work with you and get you the design that you need. You will find that this saves you a lot of time and hassle in the long run compared to doing it all yourself.


If you have never heard of MB2 Dental before, this is a great company that has been around for several years now. They work exclusively on dental websites all around the web, so this is a great option if you have been struggling with your own dental website and do not know how to fix it yourself. They can take the guesswork out of this project for you and get a website you can truly feel proud to show off.


The successful life and accomplishments of Financial Executive Brian Bonar

Brian Boner’s education and professional accomplishments in Business and Finance are truly, brilliance at its best. Brian has over 20 years of extensive experience in the fields of Business and Finance.

Brian Bonar attended James Wyatt Technical School and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering. Brian also attended the University of Strathclyde, where he received his Bachelor’s Degree. Brian’s unyielding tenacity allowed him to further his education by attending Stafford University, and he received a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

He’s had many outstanding professional accomplishments from Management positions to Executive positions. Some of Brian’s professional accolades include working at IBM, The Solvis Group, Dalrada Financial Corporation, Allegiance professional and he’s worked at many private and public companies as well.

He’s held many titles from procurement manager to Director of Engineering for QM at IBM. He served as the Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation.

He founded Trucept Inc., in 2013, where he serves as the President, the Chairman/ The CEO and CFO . Trucept Inc. is a company that specializes in helping businesses to manage payroll, taxes, employee benefits, administration and human resource related tasks. Some other services that Trucept Inc. offer are risk management, and temporary, and permanent staffing solutions.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar serves on many boards and some of his memberships include, serving as the Chairmen at the Warning Management Services, Inc. Corp. He also serves as a Board Member at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater San Diego, and he’s a member of the American Finance Association.

Brian takes great pride in spending time with his family. He’s also an avid golfer, and he likes boating trips as well.

With Brian’s successful leadership, and management roles, and his stellar work history in the Financial Field, Brian Boner is truly a Financial Genius in his own right, and he is the true definition of a successful businessman.