Why Kenneth Goodgame Plays a Good Game in Business

Kenneth Goodgame, SVP, and CMO of True Value Hardware has a good game going. As the SVP and CMO, Goodgame also has his hands in the mix with the responsibilities of marketing as well as sales and retail merchandising. His leadership abilities in Operations Management make him a favorite among hardware companies, encouraging them to strive for better marketing and look at innovative ways of driving a customer-based relationship.

Goodgame’s ability to be forward thinking, and to make a solid financial forecast has rendered him a tremendous success in business. Additionally, Goodgame is intuitive with his long-term financial strategies for business. Goodgame’s main goal is to find the perfect balance in relationships with executive leaders and employees, and he is driven to align the corporate executive in their mission and goals overall.

Secondly, Kenneth Goodgame desires that the level of employee engagement is high and that quality assurance is just as high. Goodgame sees that with employees as the first representation of your company, their happiness and sense of well-being and being well-directed are critical to the success of any company.

The promotion of growth in alignment with top level leadership will continue to not only encourage employees toward more success but ultimately the company will benefit from the efforts made by both teams. Goodgame also feels that cost analysis is important when attempting to bridge the gap between being profitable and giving the customer the true value for any experience they have with his stores.

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Kenneth Goodgame leads True Value Company to success

Eric Pulier Is An Entrepreneurial Genius

Eric Pulier has a natural talent for business and being and entrepreneur and has been able to achieve many goals aspiring entrepreneurs only dream of. Starting up a company alone can be quite the challenge for most because there are so many factors involved and risks to worry about, not to mention the competition and difficulty in getting noticed. Eric Pulier has managed to perfect the technique for starting off companies and is recognized as a leader in the industry.

Pulier had many options to choose from when launching his startup companies, but he focused in on technology because it will always continue to grow with time. Unlike some other markets, such as real estate, the field of technology will never experience low periods, making it one of the safest industries to use for a startup business. Based on his history, he has only proven himself correct because he has been able to successfully create many companies that saw substantial profits.

In his opinion, it is this group of people that will startup the next generation of businesses and bring their industries to even greater heights. Because of his extensive experience in the field and his high level of success, his mentoring will greatly help people get started on their own and achieve financial success and independence. Many of his pupils have already managed to successfully start up their own companies with the help of Puliers techniques. In the end, Eric believes that anyone has the ability to create a successful start up, all they need is the determination and persistence to achieve it.

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John Goullet: IT Industry’s Matchmaker

John Goullet is the co-founder and Principal at Diversant LLC. Diversant is an IT staffing firm that seeks to IT professionals to their dream jobs. The growth of the tech industry has led to tech talent being treasured by companies. It has become very competitive to acquire the best IT professionals. Diversant is minority owned and has been previously ranked as one of the fastest growing enterprises in the United States. The right relationship between IT specialist and company can be integral to the latter’s success. Diversant is the top firm in the field and hence doing an excellent job.

John Goullet is an entrepreneur at heart and has formed many companies in his days. He started by forming Info Technologies in 1994. Info technologies and Diversant Inc. merged to form Diversant LLC. Diversant Inc. was founded by Gene Waddy who serves as CEO of Diversant LLC. The company primarily works with Fortune 100 companies since they attract the best IT minds in the labor market and the companies require highly qualified IT specialists. The stature that Diversant has achieved within the short span of time it has been operational with it being a minority owned company is incredible.

John and Gene are excellent leaders and have managed to guide their business through the ever and fast changing IT industry. Handling the human part of IT is particularly challenging as compared to working with software and hardware. The best IT machinery will not mean much if the wrong people use it. Human resource is still vital in the age of computers.

Goullet is a creative man and passionate as well. These qualities are embedded into the everyday functioning of Diversant LLC. Knowing how to match an individual’s personality to the culture of an organization is not an easy task. Playing matchmaker requires incredible foresight and a lot of research. John will continue being innovative in overcoming Diversant’s obstacles at whatever position he serves in the firm.

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