Educational Reforms Agenda by Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is the chairperson of Michigan Republican Party. She was elected to the position four times. She has been involved in politics for more than 35 years. She began politics while still on campus. Besty has led numerous campaigns, party organizations, and political action committees ever since. Besty is also the founder of the Wind Quest Group. This is a firm that she founded together with her husband known as Dick in 1989. It is a privately held enterprise and an investment management firm that invests in Technology, manufacturing, clean technology, and nonprofit solutions. She is also the chairman of the Philanthropy Roundtable. She is widely involved in charity and philanthropic works. Besty is very much involved in her community where she is part of national and local boards including DeVos Institute for Art Management, Mars Hill Bible Church, Kids Hope the USA, and the foundation for excellence in education.

Mrs. DeVos also serves as the chairman of the American Federation for Children. This is an education advocacy group that advocates for school choice and charter schools. She is also the chairperson of Dick and Betsy Devos family foundation. She has used her political efforts to advocate for the best educational setting for the American children. This is a desire that was partly initiated after witnessing how parents suffered to raise tuition fees for their children. This made Besty and her husband known as Dick to start the scholarship funding for students in Potters house. This move did not satisfy her because she could only reach a small percentage of low-income families. She decided to find another solution. She got involved in an educational choice movement that would help to direct funds to the needy students. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

Dick secured a position in the Board of Education Michigan in 1990. Besty served on the boards of two National charities known as Children First America and the American Educational Reform Council in the same year. Both of them were advocating for school choice through vouchers and tax credits. Dick and Betsy DeVos were both involved in passing Michigan first charter school bill in 1993. They also tried to change the state constitution to allow tax credits scholarships or vouchers. They were unsuccessful. They did not give up after the failure of the constitution amendment. They later got involved in political action committee in Michigan called the Great Lakes Education. Dick runs a charter school in the flying and Aircraft School. School choice has been adopted in three states. Betsy Devos emphasizes that education should be nonpartisan. Technology has a great impact on the educational sector. More children can access school through the internet. This will greatly assist parents to make better choices for their children. Charter schools are also increasing. More low-income families will access affordable education. Homeschooling will also play a significant role in meeting education needs of the children comfortably.

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