Talent Development, Personalized Learning & Parent Power Pillars of Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education was founded in San Jose California in 2006 and its first school opened their doors in 2007. Rocketship was founded in hopes to create a charter school education for kindergarten to fifth grade students who were residents of underprivileged neighborhoods. Since its establishment Rocketship has spread across the United States and has schools in Wisconsin, Tennessee and Washington DC. There are hopes for further expansion in other regions of the United States.

Rocketship works on three pillars of fundamentals:

Talent Development

Personalized Learning

Parent Power

At Rocketship the staff acknowledges that students learn and different levels and they strive to customize learning to each individual child’s development. In addition to specially tailored learning plans Rocketship Education also focuses on Talen Development. They value their staff and their students and want to take full advantage of each person’s individual talent by harnessing it and expanding it. Teachers are encouraged to continue their own education and seek out other positions within the Rocketship establishment and students are empowered to discover their hidden talents as they learn and thrive. Parent Power is another fundamental pillar in the strong foundation that comprises Rocketship. Parents are encouraged and asked to participate in activities and spend time in the classrooms helping students. Parent involvement is a key component in student success and Rocketship embraces a strong family culture while realizing parents can and will be the biggest advocates in their child’s education.

Rocketship has often been recognized as a public school at mimics a private school. They pioneer thoughts that spark creativity, inclusion and mindfulness. Students are taught to embrace the differences that set them apart while harnessing meaningful relationships in a stable learning environment. No child can learn alone and it takes a team comprised of diligent and caring teachers, support staff and eager parents to provide a meaningful elementary school education. Rocketship is considered a pioneer in the charter school industry and is hopeful to influence other public schools with their learning program.