Educational Reforms Agenda by Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is the chairperson of Michigan Republican Party. She was elected to the position four times. She has been involved in politics for more than 35 years. She began politics while still on campus. Besty has led numerous campaigns, party organizations, and political action committees ever since. Besty is also the founder of the Wind Quest Group. This is a firm that she founded together with her husband known as Dick in 1989. It is a privately held enterprise and an investment management firm that invests in Technology, manufacturing, clean technology, and nonprofit solutions. She is also the chairman of the Philanthropy Roundtable. She is widely involved in charity and philanthropic works. Besty is very much involved in her community where she is part of national and local boards including DeVos Institute for Art Management, Mars Hill Bible Church, Kids Hope the USA, and the foundation for excellence in education.

Mrs. DeVos also serves as the chairman of the American Federation for Children. This is an education advocacy group that advocates for school choice and charter schools. She is also the chairperson of Dick and Betsy Devos family foundation. She has used her political efforts to advocate for the best educational setting for the American children. This is a desire that was partly initiated after witnessing how parents suffered to raise tuition fees for their children. This made Besty and her husband known as Dick to start the scholarship funding for students in Potters house. This move did not satisfy her because she could only reach a small percentage of low-income families. She decided to find another solution. She got involved in an educational choice movement that would help to direct funds to the needy students. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

Dick secured a position in the Board of Education Michigan in 1990. Besty served on the boards of two National charities known as Children First America and the American Educational Reform Council in the same year. Both of them were advocating for school choice through vouchers and tax credits. Dick and Betsy DeVos were both involved in passing Michigan first charter school bill in 1993. They also tried to change the state constitution to allow tax credits scholarships or vouchers. They were unsuccessful. They did not give up after the failure of the constitution amendment. They later got involved in political action committee in Michigan called the Great Lakes Education. Dick runs a charter school in the flying and Aircraft School. School choice has been adopted in three states. Betsy Devos emphasizes that education should be nonpartisan. Technology has a great impact on the educational sector. More children can access school through the internet. This will greatly assist parents to make better choices for their children. Charter schools are also increasing. More low-income families will access affordable education. Homeschooling will also play a significant role in meeting education needs of the children comfortably.

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George Soros Inspires Democratic Donor’s To Give More

The Democrat’s may have suffered a major loss in the shock victory of Donald Trump during the 2016 U.S. Presidential election campaign, but the party can take solace in the fact the major political donor George Soros has made a return to major political giving that marks a comeback not seen since 2004. George Soros seems to always be named as the major donor to Democrat and liberal causes, but he is now as much of an inspiration for other donors as he is a major financial donor, Politico reports; during the 2016 election campaign Soros provided around $25 million in funding for the Hillary Clinton camp, that was surpassed by the $31 million given to the campaign by San Francisco based billionaire Tom Steyer who viewed the arrival of Soros as a reason why he should provide major funding for the campaign.

George Soros has taken a major step forward in advancing the rights of women with his backing of the campaign of Hillary Clinton, which follows on from his consistent backing of equality based groups who are backed by his Open Society Foundations network of charitable groups that act as an umbrella for the many charitable concerns of the Hungarian born hedge fund legend. Forbes reports the advancement of women’s rights groups has been reflected in the work of George Soros who became one of the leading backers of women’s rights and equal pay advocates when he appointed Dawn McKenzie to the role of Chief Investment Officer at Soros Fund Management. In terms of the campaign of Hillary Clinton for President, George Soros has always known of the political abilities and ambitions of the former Secretary of State and has backed them at various times in her career. In the buildup to the 2016 election campaign George Soros has been reported by Politico to have spent a large amount of time discussing policy and the aims for the future of Clinton and has gone so far as to admit to aides he believes he made a major mistake in not backing Clinton in 2008 over eventual President Barrack Obama. Know more about George Soros on Investopedia.

During 2016, George Soros donated around $13 million directly to the campaign of Hillary Clinton the confidence the Holocaust survivor has in the former First Lady has been shown; understanding the political situation across the planet has allowed Soros to make informed judgments over where he invests his political donations, including the use of Super PAC’s to back the candidate of his choice. Soros gave around $7 million to the Priorities USA Super PAC and a further $5 million to other Super PAC’s that have provided support to the Clinton campaign across the course of the 2016 election cycle.

End Citizens United Ends Corruption

One of the most prominent movements of our era is End Citizens United campaign. In an effort to bring corruption to a halt in Washington, End Citizens United is set out to mobilize and rock our nation to its foundation. In essence, End Citizens United believes the money of billionaires has been dictating those who will hold public office. If true, this means our decree, “we the people” is no longer. Ever since its conception, End Citizens United has been engaging communities with the news of the ruling.


Unlike many of its predecessors, End Citizens United has been relatively aggressive in going after their cause. Instead og going door to door, they used a less time consuming and more modern strategy. In fact, the creators of End Citizens United began in politics by raising money for the Democratic Party. As a result, their fundraising efforts brought in an unprecedented volume of fundraisers. In terms of fundraising, this is how they also approached the End Citizens United movement.


Their fundraising strategy included utilizing the the powers of the internet, such as email messaging. Their aggressive push involved sending multiple emails daily, requesting donations. In these emails, End Citizens United spoke about the ills associated with the passage of new campaign laws. As you may have guessed, their strategies paid off. The email strategy compelled donors to send in an estimated $11 million dollars combined to fight for the cause.


The creators of the movement believed they needed to create a PAC, in order for the Democratic Party’s plan of action to be accepted. In spite of their success, End Citizens United has been working tirelessly around the clock disproving their critics. As they grew in numbers, they were spreading the news from every corner. End Citizens United believes the supreme court ruling was a corrosive action to the public. Also, they believed the billionaires were divesting from American people and violating our constitutional rights. With that being said, there people who were confused and upset of at how the supreme court managed to rule in favor of campaign laws.


What separates End Citizens United from other movements, is their unorthodox and grassroots approach. Day in and day out, End Citizens United was on the front-line trying to overturn a supreme court ruling that put billionaires in control of our constitutional rights. Not only did they believe it was unjust, they believed it was unfair. Whether or not in favor of End Citizens United, it is important to applaud their freedom of assembly and the right to protest. It is what makes America the land it is today. It is what make America a democratic republic instead of a communist state.